Joseph Ripari

About Joseph Ripari

I have been involved in health and fitness my whole adult life. I have learned what works and what doesn’t – especially what works for me. Everyone is unique and different. I’ve learned how to eat right, what supplements to take and how to relieve stress and relax. I tried out for the Detroit Drive Professional Arena Football Team. I was asked to come play for them. For various reasons I had to respectfully decline. I have competed here in Michigan and nationally in track and field as a sprinter. I developed a fitness program called: “FITNESS FOR YOU“®. It is designed to help every individual find what is right for them and what works for them. I am also a Certified Professional Engineer. Most recently, I’ve toned it down a bit by running, lifting weights, stretching, hiking, camping and fishing. I want to concentrate on “FITNESS FOR YOU“® and using it to help others be the best they can be.

Guest Post

This Is The Only Technique You’ll Ever Need To De-Stress

In this fast-paced world of long hours, demanding bosses, challenging time schedules and family pressures, we are bombarded by stress on a daily basis. Over time, stress can take its toll. It’s essential that we find ways to eliminate stress from our lives, as even short, stress-free intervals can be beneficial to our health. But what is