CBD and Its Effect on the Fitness and Wellness Industries

Cannabidiol (CBD) has received a significant amount of attention in the fitness and wellness department because of its potential to facilitate workout regimes in the United States and Canada.

Many brands have now recognized the promise CBD has to offer in the market, especially the wellness and fitness industries. It is rapidly gaining limelight throughout fitness enthusiasts because it provides a much more innovative and smoke-less method of consumption.

Differentiating CBD from Other Cannabis Suspects

Cannabis is famous for its two compounds, namely THC and CBD. THC is also known to offer many benefits to athletes. But CBD also makes similar promises, without resulting in the many side effects, such as increased appetite, short-term memory issues, etc., that’s often a result of THC consumption.

Many public figures rely on CBD to enhance their performance in the gym. Some evidences suggest that people add CBD isolate in the post-workout coffee or smoothie in order to get relief from pain, which is a much more natural method as compared to over-the-counter medications and supplements.

Some also mention that CBD oil helps in managing anxiety and increasing energy levels throughout the day. It is also great in offering a restful and restorative sleep, which is a crucial part of muscle recovery. Most athletes use CBD oil for stress, meditation, mindset, and recovery.

Many people believe that people are only starting to get interested in CBD because there are many hurdles. Due to the stigma attached to it, people are not able to talk about it openly, which can sometimes be the root cause behind the spread of false facts and rumours.

Benefits of CBD in the Fitness and Wellness Industries

As discussed earlier, CBD is beneficial to athletes and fitness enthusiasts in many different ways. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Relieving Pain – Many studies have shown that CBD can increase pain tolerance among gym-goers, bodybuilders, and athletes. These individuals have to go through rigorous training, which means they are more prone to getting injured. In such instances, CBD could be useful.

Improving Sleep Quality – Adequate sleep is highly crucial to allow the body to recover and be ready for the next day’s workout. The ingredients in CBD helps in falling asleep better while ensuring a restful sleep.

Dealing with Anxiety – Athletes have to go through a lot of performance anxiety, and CBD has been found useful in managing the anxiety levels, especially before a competition.

Understanding the CBD Market

When we look at the CBD market, it is interesting to note that it is much more than the medicinal and recreational realms in Canada. The World Anti-Doping Agency legalized CBD, which has given the world an opportunity to talk about CBD and the many holistic benefits it can offer as a sports medicine. However, getting rid of the stigma is important, which also seems to be a long process.

Jan Slaski, a researcher for InnoTech Alberta, has mentioned that the Canadian hemp industry is expected to be worth at least $1 billion a year overall by the year 2023.

Another estimate states that the industry would be at US$5.7 billion all across the world markets. Taking a look at the global CBD market, the Brightfield Group mentions that the growth of CBD is more than cannabis in the United States, which is very soon going to reach US$22 billion worth.

All this while, the CBD industry had been under the radar. However, it is all ready to explode in the forms of pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods (CPG).

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Non-Smoking CBD Wellness Products

One of the reasons why people are determined to come up with innovative CBD products is because of the need to find better alternatives to eating, vaping and smoking cannabis. The wellness and fitness community has been experimenting on themselves with performance supplements for a long time. Now, they are interested in designing new CBD products that show promise in terms of a more effective and better cannabinoid delivery system. That is why there have been many shops to buy CBD Online from HempWorx.

Many companies are trying to come up with interesting designs, which can be pretty exciting for people. NanoSphere Health Sciences, in association with Delta 9 Cannabis, is planning to come up with cannabis products that make use of nanotechnology. When the product is applied to the skin, the nano-sized cannabis particles will pass through the skin and enter the bloodstream. The technology is meant to solve the low bioavailability challenge existing in the industry for enabling an efficient delivery of the many active ingredients to the bloodstream, as mentioned in the company’s website.

NXT Water, a South California brand, has also come up with the Akeso functional Fitness Water in December, which is primarily bottled water that has 18 mg of full-spectrum CBD (hemp-derived) infused in it.

CEO of NXT Water, Todd Waks mentioned that if people are able to drink water while working out, people should be doing it. When it comes to ingesting CBD, the best way to do it would be by allowing it to enter through water, which seamlessly and most efficiently enters the bloodstream.

You can currently avail Akeso online or in various stores at New York City and California. The company is expecting to come up with 6,000 stores along the U.S. west coast by May. The product might soon be launched in Canada as well.