Exercises for Flabby Arms – Best and Easy Ways to Lose Arm Fat!

Does your flabby arm make you feel inferior about yourself? You wish to put on your favourite funky cold shoulder top, but your jiggly fat arms wouldn’t cooperate with you because your shoulders and arms wouldn’t look perfectly nice when you put it on!

Don’t worry! You can get rid of your arm fat and build a perfect tone with the help of these seven exercises and some tips that you can follow to prevent the fat build up in your arms.

How Long Will It Take To Build Perfect Sleek Arms?

Is the task of obtaining those perfectly toned and sleek arms really difficult? How long do you need to work on your arms and shape them to achieve the result? Well, the answer lies in your consistency and commitment!

Weight loss can be achieved in a week, but since the process of losing arm fat involves the major focus on your arm and not the rest of your body, you need the required amount of patience and perseverance to wait for at least 6 weeks after you have started working on them in order to achieve your dream.

Five Best Exercises To Shed The Fat In Your Arms

Setting up a major goal and working upon it with immense zeal and enthusiasm not only helps in making your dreams come true, but it also helps in building your self-confidence because you have achieved what you have always wanted to.

Set up an alarm and set a timer to work on each of these seven best exercises that can help you in shedding your arm fat!

1)    Planks

The best part about including planks in your work out regime is that planks not only help in showing a physical impact on your arms and shoulders, but they also help in reducing your belly fat and improvising the overall posture of your body.

How To Perform Plank?

Lie down on the floor such that the front side of your body, (your chest and belly) faces the floor. Take the help of your elbows as a support and raise upwards such that your neckline, abdomen and buttocks are in a straight line.

Try to stay in the position for about sixty seconds before you get back to your normal position. If you have never tried plank before, you can set a limit of thirty seconds and gradually increase the time to sixty seconds.

Ensure that you do not give up if your arms being to ache because it implies that the fat is being burnt. Repeat the exercise three times for a quick result.

2)    Upright Row

Upright row is one of the best exercises you can practice to lose the arm fat. If you cannot hit the gym and want to lose arm fat at home, it’s really simple. You just have to buy two dumbbells that weigh 10 pounds each.

The dumbbells do have to necessarily weigh 10 pounds because the weight that you should lift depends on your body weight.

How To Perform An Upright Row?

Stand erect and make sure that you keep your legs at a distance from each other. Hold each dumbbell in each of your hand and be prepared to lift them up. You should be forming a ‘V’ shape between your arms and the sidelines of your body when you draw the dumbbells upwards to the height of your chest.

Lift the dumbbells up to your chest level and relax by lowering your hands down to the normal position. One important point to be remembered while performing an upright row is that there should be no movement in the abdominal area while lifting or releasing the weights.

Your arms should ache after performing 12 uprights and this is the major indication that you are lifting the appropriate weights according to your arm strength and body weight.  

3)    Triceps Kickbacks

Triceps are the muscles present on the rear side of your upper limb and since you push your forearm backwards to strengthen your triceps muscles, the exercise is known as a triceps kickback. You just need a single dumbbell and a flat bench to perform triceps kickbacks at home.

How To Perform Triceps Kickbacks?

Place your right foot on the floor and bend your left knee to place it on the bench and you should lean forward with the palm of your left hand resting on the bench.

Hold the dumbbell with your right hand and push your forearm backwards and make sure that your arm remains intact. You should fling your forearm backwards and bring it back to the normal position to perform one triceps kickback.

Repeat until you perform 12 triceps kickbacks and practice the same with your left hand. You should ensure there’s no movement in the rest of your body and you only move your forearm while performing the exercise.

4)    Triceps Dips

Triceps dips are so interesting and can be performed anywhere and at any time. You just need a bench and a certain level of enthusiasm to perform the triceps dips. There are three levels in the exercise and the difficultly level increases as you move into the next level.

How To Perform Triceps Dips?

Level 1 – Sit on the bench and place your hands on the bench (either side of your hips) Move your buttocks off the bench but make sure you do not totally move away from the bench. Keep your hands firmly on the bench and bring your body down (do not sit on the floor) and raise up to your normal position.

To make it simple, you are simply moving up and down (with your palms fixed at a position) and applying the pressure on your triceps which will burn your arm fat. Practice this 5 times.

Level 2 – You just have to stretch your legs forward and practice the triceps dips 5 times.

Level 3 – Stretch your legs completely such that there is no bend in your knees. Your legs should completely remain parallel to the floor. Practice the triceps dips 5 times.  

5)    Wall Plank To Burn Arm Fat

Wall plank is so easy and simple, you can perform it anytime. As the name itself suggests, you just need a wall to perform a wall plank.

How To Perform A Wall Plank?

Measure and mark a line, two feet away from the wall. Stand on the mark and lean forward to rest the palms on your wall. Your elbows should be straight when you are in the position. Push yourself forward such that your face is closer to the wall.

You will exert some force on your hands while trying to get back to your initial position. Repeat the exercise ten to fifteen times at a stretch (without giving a break)

Some Simple Tips To Lose Arm Fact Quickly

1)    Try to lift heavy weights and this includes performing household chores that involve lifting of heavyweights.

2)    Cut down on fatty foods as they are responsible for the building up of your arm fat.

3)    You can relax and move your arms more often whenever you are free.

4)    Say no to oestrogen high foods because these are one of the main reasons for the increase in arm fat.

Bottom Line

To make it simple, the secret to arm fat and achieve sleek arms is to be consistent with your workout regime and cut down on fatty foods and those foods that are high in oestrogen. Dream of achieving sexy arms and stick on to the exercises. You just have to be patient enough to wait for 6 weeks to see your dream come true.

Nothing is really impossible if you dream about it and work hard to achieve it.