How CBD Helps with Body Recovery After Workouts

In the past decade, everyone has gone towards the way of the green. The green is a natural,mind and body conscious lifestyle. This means instead of eating meat, you will substitute for more veggies or instead of taking the elevator, you will substitute it for the stairs. With that being said, working out is taking over. Gym memberships are up year by year. More people are going to the gym nowadays then ever and it’s starting to show.

Some people go to the gym to feel good while others go to look good and shredded. If you’re getting jacked, you’re going to be working out hard which usually means being sore. Even if you work out the same muscles every other day, you can become sore by just working out a bit harder. No pain, no gain.

Why are We Sore After Working Out?

Although some people don’t get sore so often, others can. It mostly depends on your workout and hard you go. The more you lift the more you will remain sore. The reason we get sore is because of tears or microscopic damage to our muscle fibers. Those muscles that are affected then get inflamed. This causes the body trigger response to help repair  the damage which ends up causing us to be sore and stiff.

How Do we Feel Less Sore?

When you think of how you can feel less sore, you just think of reversing the process of what made you sore to begin with. It’s a bit easier than that. The best way to become less sore is to simply release lactic acid. These are special energy sources that are converted into energy without using oxygen. Overtime, this will build up in your bloodstream quicker than it can burn it off. This is when lactic acid builds up and it’s called lactate threshold. The threshold can vary which is why working out for a long time can help you not become sore. The best way to get rid of your soreness is to stretch your muscles.

Other great ways are to take an ice bath and to drink a good amount of water to stay hydrated.

How to Use CBD for Post Recovery?

You can take CBD before workouts to help ease your body whether it’s your anxiety or your racing thoughts. It’s best to take it after your workout. This is when your body is relaxed and needs it most. Place a few drops under your tongue or take a few hits from your oil vape pen.

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the active ingredient cannabinoids in cannabis. It comes from hemp and is one of the most beneficial active ingredients that gives most of the positive benefits we hear from medical marijuana. Unlike it’s other cousin cannabinoid THC, Cannabidiol does not get you high so it has no psychoactive properties. It is not a main source from the marijuana plant. It mainly comes from the hemp plant.

Our bodies consist of specific receptors and smaller systems within each other. One of the

Ones we share with most other mammals is the endocannabinoid system. This is the part of our bodies that lets us experience the cannabis plant. Within this system is the CB1 and CB2 receptors which is the ultimate reason we feel THC and CBDs benefit.


CBD is quickly becoming one of the fastest homeopathic and natural alternative medicines of today. Some people don’t believe in it and the ones that have tried it tend to keep buying more. There are many benefits to Cannabidiol such as neuropathic pain, neurological diseases, chronic pain, muscle soreness, and much more. Here are two things CBD can help with that can help you if you go to the gym.


  • Anti Inflammation


Inflammation can happen all throughout the body. Whether it’s your muscles in your back or your legs or even your neck. Even sleeping incorrectly can bring on inflammation! Waking up and taking some CBD can open that up since CBD is an anti inflammatory. That means if you have any sore aches and pains, CBD can open that up.


  • Bring Down Anxiety


A lot of people suffer from massive anxiety. Although anxiety is a problem that has an underlying issue, it can also help to take some CBD.