How Fitness Companies Are Using Video At Its Peak To Drive Growth

In today’s video-driven marketing scenario, the only question that needs to be asked is how you can deploy your Video Marketing strategy effectively. 

According to statistics, nearly 80% of businesses have already jumped on the video marketing bandwagon, and those that are still on the fence will definitely take the leap in the coming days.

Videos have an enormous potential for driving organic reach and increasing the revenue of businesses. This is not an isolated metric and is observed across industry verticals. 

Fitness companies, too, are not untouched from this trend and are actively leveraging videos to promote sales and gain new subscribers.

The fitness industry runs on visual appeal. Any prospective customer joins a gym for the sole purpose of looking good and staying healthy. 

This is the reason that videos have proven immensely fruitful for the fitness industry by providing an audio-visual means that portray the effectiveness of their services to their prospective clients.

Let’s have a look at how the fitness companies are using videos to drive their growth and revenue.

Video Marketing By Fitness Companies

Video marketing by fitness companies is done by following a well-laid out process that helps them in creating effective videos that cater to prospective fitness enthusiasts. 

There is a lot of effort that goes into creating effective video content that is appealing and resonates with their target audience. 

Here are the guidelines pertaining to the video marketing strategy that has helped fitness companies in driving their growth.

1. Planning the video flow

The foremost thing that you need to do before moving even an inch in your video creation strategy to plan everything and lay the ground rules of what you would like the video to achieve.

You have settled on a topic, but that’s not enough. You have to plan the exact flow of the video, complete with a script, and the order of the characters or events in which they want to appear.

The first thing that viewers see is the intro videos that need to be catchy and grasp the audience’s attention precisely. 

This requires that the intros are funny or highly informational and must point at a problem that your viewers are experiencing.

We simply cannot emphasize this enough; a strong CTA is extremely crucial in helping you achieve the goal that you want your video to achieve. 

Even if your viewers watched your entire video and resonated with everything that you say, without a powerful CTA, they would be lost, and your video investment will go in vain.

Once an effective video plan is ready, it becomes easy to create targeted videos. Let’s begin with the intricacies involved in video production.

2. Production of the video

The video production involves all the steps in conceptualizing all the ideas and transforming them into a finished video that is fit for end-user consumption. 

This is an equipment-intensive step that requires lighting, cameras, studio environment, and skilled videography professionals. 

All the prior planning comes into play during this step as you already have an outline in your mind that will help you with the video production.

It is crucial that the final video looks professional and this is ascertained by having ample lighting and a highly stabilized camera system. 

Shooting fitness videos might seem like a challenge as there is plenty of movement involved in these videos.

Hence, fitness companies often opt for stabilization rigs that result in buttery smooth videos that are professional looking and convey the intended message seamlessly.

3. Editing the video

Once you have shot your videos, next comes editing and post-processing the videos. This step requires skill and a special set of tools that can help you in making your videos stand out and viewer-friendly.

Editing the video involves cutting and stitching various frames and applying special effects, music, transitions. 

For instance, if you are looking to post your video on Instagram, the resolution needs to be 1080×1080 as this is the only resolution supported by the platform.

If you want to post your video on YouTube, you will need a YouTube outro template that emphasizes on a CTA and provides information such as contact information or other crucial details.

All of these video editing aspects can be taken care of by using a video editing software that helps you in unleashing your creativity and helping you portray your ideas effectively.

4. Marketing the video

Now that the video is ready, it’s time to promote it using social media channels. Today, almost all the social channels have integrated video hosting functionality so you are not just limited to posting your video on YouTube.

Make sure that you include a catchy title that grabs the audience’s eye and helps your video in achieving the maximum click-through rate. 

You can also include visually appealing thumbnails that are a treat to look at and compel the user to click on your video.

If you are posting videos on YouTube, remember that consistency is the key. YouTube automatically recommends your videos to viewers if you are consistent in your posting habits. 

The consistency can be one or two videos a week and once you have set up a pace, try your best to stick to it.

Final Thoughts

Video marketing is definitely the future of marketing. It has been perceived as difficult by many businesses but as the current trends dictate, it is surely going to stick around. 

Fitness companies can surely benefit a lot from video marketing as it enables them to display their expertise effectively and get their product in front of the audience.

If you are on a fence and still pondering over whether to jump on the video marketing bandwagon, the best time to begin would be now.