How Much Exercise Is Too Much?

Are you addicted to the gym and you are heading there every single day? Working out is great since it makes us more fit, more strong, more healthy and more energized.

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There are people who don’t exercise at all, and on the other hand there are people who exercise too much. If you are afraid that you are overtraining, read the signs below that will show you if you are pushing it really hard!

Your muscles are sore most of the time

It’s a good feeling for your muscles to feel sore from time to time, but if they are often excessively sore it’s not a good sign at all. Do you know how to make the difference between these two? Soreness is not dangerous if it goes away in a day or two, but if it stays for a week or more it definitely means that you are overdoing it.

You neglect other activities for the gym

Do you often find yourself putting aside all of the other social activities in order not to miss a training? Make sure you create a balance and you don’t sacrifice anything in your life. Working out too often can become an unhealthy addiction. Don’t burn yourselves out and remember that taking rest days is a good thing to do.

Your workout routine is unbalanced

This is another sign that shows that you are overtraining a certain part of your body and neglect the rest. In this way you aren’t developing all of your body muscles right and it can result in pains and strains.

You are feeling tired

Being tired after a workout is a normal thing, but if the fatigue lingers and stays for a longer period of time it’s definitely showing you that you are doing it too hard and you should give yourself some rest. Taking a week off exercising every three to six months is strongly recommended.

You are having troubles sleeping

Insomnia is another sign that you are working out too much that shouldn’t be ignored. A good night’s sleep is really important to let your body’s cell and muscle fibers repair, and recover your energy levels.

To sum up

You should never try to do too much too fast. Moderate exercising is the smartest thing that you can do. Try to increase the intensity of your workouts step by step because it’s better for your body. You may reach your fitness goal in this way faster and easier. Pay attention to the signs that you have just read here and make an assessment whether you are exercising too much.