How to Choose the Right Physical Therapist

When our bodies go through physical trauma, whether from sports or significant accidents, we must give ourselves time to recover.  Unfortunately, time doesn’t heal all wounds, so physical therapy is there to pick up the pieces.  By working with a professional to put your body through stretches and movements, you work to regain your mobility and use of your whole body.  Choosing which physical therapist helps you can be a huge decision, and many people have trouble with the decision.

Here’s what to consider so that you can choose the best physical therapist for yourself!

What Kind of Injury is it?

Like any other medical field, physical therapists usually have specialties in what they are good at working on.  Some are better with sports injuries, while others are more skilled at fine-motor movement after strokes.  Look around for a physical therapist that specializes in what you need, or has a long track record of patients recovering from a similar injury to what you sustained.  

Ask Your Physician for any Recommendations.

Chances are, your doctor probably knows of a few good physical therapists.  After you’ve had your wound checked out, ask if there are any therapists your doctor prefers.  Usually, a few names will come to mind, and you can follow the trail from there.  Doctors rely heavily on reasonable public opinion so that they won’t lead you astray on other medical professionals.

Look Around for Good Reviews

Once you have a shortlist of names, look up reviews for each therapist.  Check how they handled patient care, how quickly and thoroughly patients recovered, and how hands-on they are.  Although fake reviews do exist, you should hopefully have faith that most reviews are real.  Some sites allow you to ask reviewers questions, so feel free to ask away before you pick where you’ll have your physical therapy in Mountain Top, PA.

Interview Possible Physical Therapists

Talk to possible therapists to make sure they’re the best fit for you.  Ask about success rates and double-check that they’ll handle what you’re working through physically.  Sometimes, even if they specialize in sports physical therapy, it’s essential to consider if they’d work better for you than a spine-focused physical therapist for back issues.  Don’t be afraid to talk to multiple professionals to figure out the best pick.  This choice impacts your recovery and your medical needs for the next few months to years.  

Ensure They are Licensed and Take Your Insurance

These points should be obvious, but sometimes people overlook them and either wind up with an overly expensive bill or realize they went to a clinic who can’t help them.  The first thing you should check when looking into a physical therapy clinic is whether the therapist is certified and whether the patients who go to this clinic get real one-on-one time with the professionals.  Nobody wants to go to a clinic for a specific professional, only to get pushed off onto a new trainee who can’t do what your body needs.