How to Design Effective Sports Nutrition Packaging

There’s a huge global increase in people making much better lifestyle and diet changes. Ever-increasing types of gyms and fitness trends as well as well-marketed healthy food options are the flavor of the day. Sport Nutrition is becoming a market with more and more choice, and that means manufacturers are making bolder claims about what their products can do. The shelves stocking these products are packed full of competing products, so making yours stand out is one of the most important things you’ll do for your brand.

Let’s have a look at some things you’ll need to know before you start your design process.

It’s All About the Colors

The psychology of color is well documented and there are countless books on how human beings respond to color. A fiery red design may invoke aggression and be great for a creatine or muscle building formula, while a cool blue design might be better for a meal replacement or low-calorie shake. The very first thing the eyes of your potential customers will see is color, so this is the first chance you have to communicate what’s in your package. Do you color it by flavor or by product type? Is red a berry flavor or is it a muscle-building formula? Ultimately, consistency is key, and your color choices should aid in communicating your message to your customer.

Communicate Your Message

Making clear what your product is designed to do and what’s in it is the next step to successful packaging. Getting help with this packaging design by using a company like Package Lab can be a great way of creating effective packaging. You’ll want to make sure the average person understands what they can expect from your product, so leave the science names at the door and name your products for humans. Sure, L-Glutamine might sound impressive and some people may know what it is, but isn’t “post-workout drink” more likely to get the message across? List what’s in your product, but also communicate bigger and bolder what it is intended to do for the user.

Make It Convenient

Nobody is going to want to carry around a tub of powder to a gym session, so be sure you create packaging that is convenient for those who’ll be using it. A soft squeeze pouch is much better than a plastic bottle for a runner or cyclist because they’re easier to carry in a pocket. A tube of effervescent tabs is much lighter and easier to have with you as an athlete than a tub of powder. Put yourself in the mind of your users and design your packaging in a way that’s going to be the most convenient to them.

Clever names and bold, effective design are the cornerstones to any well-designed sports nutrition product. We’re naturally drawn to products that give the impression of power and fitness and the product packaging is on the first line. It’s not all about fancy names though! Build trust with your potential customers by being transparent about what’s in your product. Consumers are getting smarter, and your packaging shouldn’t fall behind.