How to Keep Yourself Slim and Fit Throughout the Lockdown

In the current lockdown scenario,  we are living with very limited access to outdoor activities Basically, most of us are passing time by sleeping, cooking, eating, netflixing,or  crawling on the couch. Which  inevitably is making us put on a lot of weight as well as making us sluggish day by day.

As this  situation gets prolonged,  a lot of threats are  surfacing. And obesity is clearly amongst them a vital one.

The problem with obesity is, it not only messes up our appearance, but also causes many other diseases, other than that it   weakens our immune system to fight against covid19.

But do not lose hope every problem has a solution, and so has obesity. To help you with it, you can contact a weight loss clinic, or make a sensible plan by yourself.  Here are some top sliming tips for you to follow during this lockdown, that will help you to  keep  fit:

Make a Healthy Diet Plan
  While you have all the time to try those relishing recipes you have been watching over the internet, you must also keep an eye  on your calorie intake.

Foods that  are full of carb and fat,  should not dominate your regular menu and  be your way of surviving this lockdown boredom. Rather you can utilize this time to start afresh with a healthy lifestyle where you eat and drink healthy, wisely, and on time.

It should start by making  a chart of your daily diet plan. Here is a few things to keep in mind while doing it:

Drink a lot of water

Drinking water early in the morning on an empty stomach has always been recommended by fitness gurus. It also keeps you hydrated and full enough not to become a fool of the false hunger alarm! You can have them clear or may add lemon, lime, and honey, sometimes to soothe your taste buds.

Beside water fresh juice and other light beverages are also encouraged to be included in your diet plan.

Less Sugar and Less Salt

While you can easily understand why it is recommended to cut down sugar from your diet, you may not be quite sure  why you  are  advised to minimize your salt intake too! It’s because  consuming more salt than you require will lead to water retention in your body making you gain weight.

Too much  intake of sugary foods like cake, cookies, and pastries  are mainly responsible for  your weight gain. Therefore, try to minimize these in your diet..

Chop Down Refined Goods

Replace your refined foods, such as, white bread, refined cereals, and pasta with whole grain products and also foods that contain complex carbs and fiber. The benefits of having these foods in your diets are many,  one of them is it helps you to keep your food craving in check.

Eat light

Since you are mostly at home, your calorie requirement is not as much as it was before. So, try not to eat extra just to satisfy your hungry eyes and greedy tongue. And also when you eat, eat light; avoid oily and fried foods to eliminate the chances of  discomfort from gas formation, acidity and bloated stomach.

Try to Maintain a Balanced Diet

Every essential nutrient is important for our body; try to include them all as per  their requirement allowance . Don’t eliminate any of them without a better knowledge of its impact on your health.

Treat Yourself with Healthy Indulgent

It’s understandable that you feel like munching a lot these days. While you don’t want to stop pampering yourself, have plenty of seasonal fruits, nuts and seeds to keep fit, fresh and energetic at the same time! Seasonal vegetables are also something you should  have a lot in your diet regularly

There are many tasty ways of making healthy foods. Make good use of those recipes you keep watching and enjoy!

Try Not to Eat Late at Night

It’s good to finish most of your meals before 7-8 pm, So you don’t have to go to bed with a stomach full of unutilized food and get fat.

Workout Regularly

You cannot go to your gym any longer or jog in a park, that doesn’t mean you have to stop all short of physical exercise; you can easily workout inside your home. Carry out exercises that don’t require any equipment or help of an instructor, if you don’t have access.

There are a number of absolutely functional free hand exercises you can do while you are in quarantine; even if you are a beginner. So, make time for that in your daily routine for a trimmer body and sharper mind.

The main idea is to keep your body active. Therefore, if you don’t like these exercises, keep yourself moving and stretching however you like. Walk while you talk, dance on your favorite beats, or try aerobics.

The other option you can choose is yoga, which is amazingly effective for your body, and also peaceful for your mind, and soul. You will find innumerable yoga instruction videos on the internet based on its time span, gender specification, difficult level, and purpose. Choose accordingly and get started.

Take Care of Your Mental Health
Your mental health has a lot to do with your weight gain, since depression often leads to overeating. However, a sound mind is very important to maintain a balanced life.

You must practice to  sleep well and early. . Doing this will help you with good mood and metabolism, besides cutting down the possibility of late night craving,   a common reason behind gaining unwanted weight.

As I stated earlier, yoga is a great way of keeping yourself poised and nourished both mentally and physically. So, even if you are doing other exercises, you can still add a bit of yoga to your daily routine to ensure better sleep and less stress.

Finally, Keep Checking on Your Weight

This will inspire you every time you will lose a  pound or two. While it is very likely to grow lethargic and start looking for excuses, you will need this mental boost to keep it up and  going.

Every situation comes with possibilities both good and bad; it’s in our hand how we make use of it. So, let’s use this quarantine time to get into a healthy lifestyle, or at least  try not make it worse by gaining weight.