How to Naturally Energize For Your Day as told by thousands of our readers

It feels like we need more energy than ever.

Outings with friends. Happy hour with colleagues. Eating healthy. Staying fit. Keeping social. Birthday parties, weddings, housewarmings. And somehow making time for both family and work. Got all of that?

Feeling constantly drained is something we often hear from readers. Tired at meetings; not at full capacity during engagements; or lethargic as 3pm rolls around, even after two or three “pick me up” coffees. As a result, we lose out on accomplishing everything we want to by day’s end, leaving our to-do list unfinished, and seemingly endless. It limits our potential in our careers, and our livelihoods. And nobody wants that. 

Of course, “energy supplements” are all around us. You could drink coffee. Or Red Bull. Or a smoothie. Or eat super fruits, granola bars, and any other protein-packed supplements. There’s no shortage of energy drinks, mixtures, and foods. But the question is: which of these actually work? And, more importantly, are any of them healthy for you?

We set out on a search to find the answer: a natural energy supplement that could re-energize, reactivate, and sustain oneself throughout the day. We didn’t want chemicals or anything that tasted artificial — no “Five-Hour Energy” or the like. Something that utilized what was here on the planet already, in a smart, sustainable way. Organic, vegan, and sourced well. Is that too much to ask?

We already knew the EZ Lifestyle team for OverEZ, their natural hangover pill that uses vitamins and minerals scientifically proven to aid the liver and body to combat the consequences of drinking. So when we heard about FuelEZ their energy supplement we were eager to try it.

FuelEZ had a lot of ingredients that we are familiar with. Like green coffee bean extract, which is the source of where coffee comes from, without the other add-ins. Or guaraná extract, which, as most Brazilians would know, is a cousin of caffeine, but with a more calming, relaxing effect. (Oh, and all of the ingredients come from the Amazon rainforest, which, for us, was a nice touch!) It also throws in things like Vitamin B12 and riboflavin, which helps our bodies break down carbs and amino and fatty acids faster, for energy. 

Like OverEZ, FuelEZ works in three phases. First, the ingredients from Brazil — the green coffee bean extract, and guaraná extract — work at giving you enough energy to be charged up and attentive all day. Then, the blend of focus-inducing ingredients (like L-tyrosine) brings you to peak performance in concentration, and attention, which is perfect for situations that may prove stressful. And then, finally, the “replenishment” phase: your body slowly cools down, but keeps that clarity and energy going. It’s not like caffeine, or sugar, where the crash can be brutal.

What’s great about FuelEZ is that it doesn’t add anything unnatural to our body. It takes what is already scientifically proven to speed up metabolism, and amp up your body’s own processes. That’s why there’s no crash, comedown, or zapped feeling afterward — you’re giving your mind and body more of what it wants, especially as you demand more out of it for your daily needs. FuelEZ seems perfect for this day and age.

Since we’ve started taking the capsules, our days have felt longer, stronger, and more well-used. We’re better engaged with colleagues, more present at parties, and have energy to still maintain a well-balanced diet, and exercise regimen. We have more than enough energy to meet all of our goals, both at work and at home — and then some.  

In this hectic world, that’s all we can ask for.