They’re ‘Swolemates!’ How One Couple Lost More Than 300 Pounds In A Year

When it comes to losing weight or getting fit, it definitely helps to have a buddy. Take it from married-couple Lexi and Danny Reed, who, in just over a year, have lost more than 300 pounds together.

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Documenting their weight-loss journey on Instagram, the pair posts photos of their continued progress one year later, motivating their followers (Lexii has more than 66,000).

It wasn’t always this way, however. Since they began dating in 2007, Lexii and Danny would go out frequently and mindlessly eat together, going to all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants and having up to eight plates each in one sitting. At their heaviest, Lexii weighed 480 pounds and Danny, 280.

On New Year’s Day, 2016, the married couple made a resolution to lose weight. But unlike most people, they actually stuck to their guns and underwent a dramatic transformation together — Danny lost 62 pounds and Lexi lost 236 pounds.

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How did they do it? The couple credits swapping their buffet habit for cooking at home and their gym-buddy workout sessions for their continued success. Above all else, it was their support for each other that kept them going.

“We gave up our lazy Netflix nights on the couch eating junk food and traded them in for nights at the gym and being healthy,” says Lexii. “There is no magic pill, you have to constantly work hard daily.”

She added: “We are now a more active couple and have grown closer through our journey.”

Now that the Reeds are healthier, they’re also able to do things together they never could before. For their anniversary last weekend, they went go-karting and hiked stairs to the top of a monument.

Their social media photos show us how anything is possible with love, support and determination. Also: How cute are these #swolemates?