Still Confused About the Whole Mask Thing? Here’s the Science Behind It All

If you’re on the fence about wearing a mask, you need to consider the scientific evidence behind their efficacy. The CDC or Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that masks are one of the best forms of protection from spreading coronavirus. If you’ve been confused by misleading information, you need to consider the science behind wearing one. Here’s some evidence and ideas to keep you and your loved ones safe during these unprecedented times.

Scientific Proof

Masks prevent you from inhaling the aerosol droplets from those infected. Studies show that they do reduce the spread of any of your respiratory droplets to others. When you wear a mask you have the opportunity to protect people around you and yourself. It is a win-win scenario. It’s vitally important to wear a mask in public settings because you can be asymptomatic, and spread the virus unknowingly. Scientists at Stanford report that up to 40% of infected people may have no symptoms. This means that it’s your job to wear a mask to stop the spread, even if you feel like you’re in good-health, so that things can go back to a new normal sooner.

How Masks Works

For more of an explanation, wearing a mask with at least one layer of fabric prevents your aerosol droplets from entering the air. This way, by wearing a mask face-covering, you are preventing the spread of this illness. However, if someone else is not wearing a mask, their aerosol droplets from talking, coughing, and sneezing can spread quite easily. This is why multiple layers are deemed better than a single layer of fabric. Experts report that two layers of fabric are more effective than one because they can catch more of these particles.

How to Wea

You need to make sure that your face mask fits properly. This means it covers your nose and mouth. It should also fit well without any large holes or openings on the sides. Different kinds of masks tend to fit differently. Surgical masks are commonly seen on healthcare workers. They are disposable, so while they’re good for medical employees, it’s not the most eco-friendly or budget-friendly option because they should be disposed of after a few uses or visible wear. Cloth masks or reusable masks are a great idea for the general public because they can be reused for sanitization purposes, and they are just as effective if not more if they have more layers of fabric.

Where to Buy

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The science is clear. Wearing a mask prevents the spread of COVID-19. Now that you’ve considered this advice from the experts, you might need to purchase a re-uasble mask that makes this pandemic safer for you and your family. Head over to NxTSTOP to purchase breathable, high-quality masks so that you are protected. In turn, you are helping to stop the spread of this virus.