The Advantages of CBD Dabs

If you’re a cannabis concentrate enthusiast, you must have heard about CBD dabs. If you wish to try dabbing, you have to start with a small dose. The process involves vaporizing and inhaling a small piece of concentrate through an oil or dab rig.

Continue reading to know about this unique practice that has already taken everyone by storm.

What Are Dabs?

Dabs are also known as wax, honeycomb, budder, shatter, or amber. It is a concentrated version of butane hash oil (BHO) that has highly-concentrated levels of THC. This substance is created via a unique chemical process using butane oil to extract the oils from cannabis.

Plenty of research suggests that dabs have an 80% THC concentration compared to the cannabis that has 10 – 15% of THC concentration. Usually, dabs are being produced by pouring butane over marijuana. This enables THC to leave the marijuana plant and diffuse it into the butane.

What Exactly Are They?

CBD dabs are becoming popular amongst cannabis geeks. They are treated to become crystallized and solidified later. Such dabs are created by extracting components such as THC, CBD, and terpenes out of hemp oil. The finished product comes in various forms, such as wax or sticky concentrate.

There is also an oil form of it used for dabbing. It is highly concentrated and looks like a thick dark gold liquid, also known as Honey Oil. Likewise, another dabbed form is CBD crystal that is highly purified with no taste or odor.

Generally, dabbing can be performed with potent THC concentrates that take you to a fantastic high. CBD doesn’t act on receptors like THC. Instead, it works to impact the receptors throughout the body’s system to foster a wide range of better health benefits.

Also, CBD dabs can help in relieving symptoms that cannot be done by regular CBD oil. Over the years, CBD has been known to treat several serious medical conditions, including insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, and depression. Patients now can order and have it delivered to their home in 50+ states.

Why Should I Opt for Them?

Did you know that consuming a more pure and potent form of cannabis can be an excellent benefit for medical users? One of the most vital reasons is that the volume of cannabinoids is so much higher in any dab that it is easier to attain otherwise difficult dosages. Patients use cannabis to control their seizures and other medical issues.

Dabbing is recommended for people who aren’t fond of the heavy feeling of the smoking pot but still have the interest to try out cannabis for medical purposes. One dab is often an effective dose. The easy way to begin is to purchase a dab pen and experiment with hybrid concentrate from local medical shops. Once you’ve nailed it, you can get an e-nail kit for a smoother temperature while dabbing.

Reduced Smoking

One of the top benefits of dabbing is that it is healthier than regular smoking as the concentrate is being vaporized without any plant matter. It consists of cannabinoids and terpenes. Vaporization ends in a milder cloud of smoke and benefits your lungs. In case you want to smoke privately, go for a dab pen as they’re easier to load.

Better Potency in Just One Hit

Today’s modern science has proved that the extracted compounds from the plant create a potent and pure concentrate. If you’re not happy with smoking, dabbing might be the next choice to get into that new level.

No or Less Mess

An ultra-cool dab pen or e-nail concentrates provide an imperceptibly straightforward way to consume. You don’t have to grind or think about cleaning up the mess of weed crumbles. Concentrates can offer a more discreet experience than that.

Variety of Flavor

The concentrates consist of a high density of terpenes, which gives it a unique smell and taste. If taken at the right temperature, a single dab can give you an incredible flavor to experience.

How Can You Dab on the Go

The best way is to carry your entire dabbing supplies in a safety case and load your dab pen anywhere. No one will come to know about your supplies, and you’ll have the full security to medicate whenever you need to. Did you know that you can easily go anywhere with your dab pen?

While dabbing CBD isn’t a guaranteed way to treat any medical condition. Still, it can help lessen a myriad of clinical symptoms and pains to promote a healthier lifestyle.