The Flex Belt: Do ab stimulators work?

Each year, people tend to research and buy fitness items as they get pudgy. They do this to get to the body they want or desire. There is only one famous product that people use to tone and strengthen their muscles is the ab stimulator. It is the best electrical stimulator that you can find in the market.

Some people think that it is not logic to get your muscles all toned up without being wet. However, it is scientifically proven that it is possible. It is usually very hard to control yourself when you feel hungry. With all the exquisite food in the market, getting your body all toned up and strong can be a bit challenging. 

It is even impossible to practice self-control and restrain yourself from eating all these things. Getting a flex belt can work in your favour and help you strengthen your abdomen in the right way. Some people wonder how these muscle stimulators work and also what they do. 

  1. What they do.

There are a lot of benefits that are brought about by the flex belt. They include

  • Help in physical therapy.

The flex belt is an electrical stimulator that is considered as a device under the federal food, drug and cosmetic act. As a result, the FDA is supposed to regulate them. Considering that, the FDA conducts the review of the flex belt where they state that they are commonly used in physical therapy and not for fat loss purposes.

However, some search engines like google can give a review that you can lose a few inches. But according to FDA, the electrical ab stimulators are not cleared for the purposes of weight loss.

  • Activate muscles.

One of the main advantages of a flex belt is the fact that it has some small electrodes that pass through your body and hence the name electrical muscle stimulator. These electrodes are used to send pulses to your skin and mostly under. It happens properly when you put the electrical ab stimulator around your midsection.

  • Tone existing muscles.

Despite the fact the FDA does not support the use of the ab stimulators for the purposes of weight loss, some plastic surgeons support it. They suggest that the flex belt can aid in the toning and strengthening of your muscles in your midsection area. They also help in activating the flow of your blood with the vibration that comes with the devices.

Regardless of them supporting their use, they always state some myths about the ab stimulators. They say that the devices can not burn all the fats around your midsection area or even can it be used for the purposes of weight loss.

For the devices to work, they must be a nutritional program together with a fitness program.

  1. Do they really work.

Ascertaining if the flex belts really works highly depends on each person’s body goals as you use the device. The only time you will see the results is if you continue using the device to activate your muscle as you carry on with your daily duties. You might feel a lot more disappointed if you are hoping to lose some fats around your midsection area.

However, if you exercise you are likely to get better results than just using an ab stimulator. This is because, with regular exercises, you get to sweat a lot thus burning a lot of calories. And also, there is no proof that shows that these devices work.

Apart from the fact that these devices help in the contractions of your muscles and their simulations, they do not have the ability to involve every part of your body as muscles do. If you are then looking forward to purchasing a flex belt, make sure you do some research online and also ensure you buy a product that is approved by FDA.


As you make a decision about buying one of the flex belts, make sure you keep doing some research and most importantly, check the reviews of the flex belt on online sites. An approval by the FDA is also a must before you make your decisions.

Keep yourself motivated and always keep it in mind that losing fats around your belly is not that easy. It only happens if you engage yourself in a regular activity and also following a healthy diet.