The HydraFacial Experience


A radiant skin, at an affordable price, under thirty minutes, and more so during your office time breaks! That, in a nutshell, describes what a HydraFacial experience entails. Did you know that our faces can make 21 different expressions? Well, that is how sophisticated your face can get. It is no wonder that we always have a particular interest in how our faces look and go to great lengths to present it in the best way possible. Personal grooming dictates that we take good care of our face, and that entails ensuring that the health of our skin, especially our face remains intact. Dr. Mick at Chicago HydraFacial recognizes this vital aspect and devises ways to keep your look fresh and revitalized all day long. Are you going for a lunch break? Drop-in at our office and have that experience.

Who Can Have It?

HydraFacial is a simple process that any person of any age can have based on their skin conditions. Adolescents can use it to get rid of acne that threatens their confidence at such a confusing age. Young adults can use it to smoothen the skin from pimples and opportunities of hyperpigmentation. The older generation is not left out since they can eradicate sun damage on the skin with the procedure. These should explain why the method gained popularity over the years. Anyone can have it and expect to have limited side effects; however, if you have rashes or sunburns, its best to keep away from it. Pregnant women are also advised to avoid the procedure because it uses some chemicals that have no scientific backing to prove it remains harmless to the unborn baby.

The Experience

The procedure is simple and does not aggressively affect the skin. It uses minimal chemicals and does not rely on complicated procedures. The process utilizes anti-inflammatory agents to avoid inflammation of the skin. Clients register to have a light massage-like feeling when having a HydraFacial. It’s also weirdly satisfying when you get to see the dirt removed at the end of the experience, and helps you appreciate the importance of having the procedure from time to time for healthy skin.

Time Efficient and customizable

One can have a facial during office lunch breaks. It takes approximately thirty minutes to have a HydraFacial, making it possible to have it anytime. It can also go along with other similar procedures such as laser treatment due to its simplicity and time efficacy. Did you know that the process can utilize a mix of various chemicals that respond well to your skin type and the results you desire? Well, the chemicals used can be used interchangeably to produce desired results, especially when your skin had a particular response with peels.

Our daily interactions with humankind rely on our faces to a great extent due to the communication we give as well as receive from facial expressions. The health of our skin also projects our current state of being. Having healthy skin serves to communicate health, confidence, and radiance. If you are one with a busy schedule, a HydraFacial will help you maintain healthy skin without compromising on your responsibilities. Keep your skin vibrant with a customizable HydraFacial experience.