The Medical and Cosmetic Benefits of Blepharoplasty

You can do quite a bit to preserve your beauty as you grow older, but there may come a point when you begin to notice cosmetic issues around the eyes no matter what steps you take. Over the course of a lifetime, many people will develop deep lines, wrinkles, and unwanted pockets of fatty tissue throughout the upper and lower eyelids. Blepharoplasty is a popular cosmetic procedure that will allow a surgeon to completely rejuvenate a patient’s appearance by minimizing all of those issues. Here is a quick look at how that operation is carried out and a few of the benefits that you might notice following your eyelid procedure.

A Look at the Aging Process

Even though your skin can be incredibly resilient when you are younger, that organ must withstand quite a bit of abuse over the years. Everything from harsh UV rays to airborne toxins can damage the skin around the eyes and create a wide variety of cosmetic problems. That includes lax skin on the upper eyelids and enlarged lower eyelids that impact your vision. Protecting your skin with sunblock and other products could delay those cosmetic issues, but there might come a point when your eyes give you a tired or aged appearance.

If that sounds like your own situation, then you could be the perfect candidate for eyelid surgery. This cutting-edge procedure will rejuvenate the appearance of your eyes and potentially improve your peripheral vision. It can typically be carried within an hour or two, and most patients are back on their feet after just a few days.

Your Eyelid Procedure

Just like many other cosmetic procedures, blepharoplasties are highly personalized operations, and each surgery is slightly different. In most cases, this procedure takes around one hour to complete, and the average patient is given a general anesthetic that puts them completely to sleep. After the anesthetic has been administered, the surgeon will begin the process of removing and adjusting the soft tissue around the eyes. Once the skin has been adjusted, the incisions are sutured shut and bandages are placed over the eyes.

In the days following your procedure, you will need to relax at home and have a loved one nearby to help you with everyday tasks. You must also avoid any strenuous activities that could potentially affect the incisions. During your follow-up appointment, your surgeon can give you further instructions regarding your recovery.

Before and After Images of Eyelid Surgery

To learn more about this operation, you should take a look at some before and after images and schedule an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon. During that initial consultation, your surgeon will be able to further explain how the operation is carried out and what types of results you can expect.