Things You Should Know About Marijuana While Joining A Fitness Training

Now that cannabis is starting to dominate the markets, more and more people are slowly incorporating the plant into different activities. In the United States, researchers have been trying to find the plant’s role regarding exercise.

The truth is, the majority of Americans don’t get enough exercise. While there are various reasons why this happens, researchers continue to debunk the common myth that marijuana causes a decline in physical activities.

With the continued rise in cannabis utilization for different physical activities, it is vital to choose a Weed Strain wisely to maximize the effects and benefits of marijuana fully.

The Research Behind Marijuana And Exercise

According to a March 2019 study conducted by Omayma Alshaarawy and James Anthony, there is an inverse relationship between cannabis usage and a person’s body mass index (BMI). Meaning, the research results suggest that people who used marijuana showed a lower value of BMI as well as having a significantly lower risk of having obesity compared to those that did not utilize the plant.

In line with the study mentioned earlier, Angela Bryan, who is a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder, stated that cannabis could give users an increased feeling of wanting to exercise and higher urges to undergo physical activity. This information comes from a 2015 research conducted in Bryan’s lab that showed results of activation in the neural pathways regarding the emotions felt in reward and pain response.

As of April 30, 2019, another published study by Angela Bryan and her colleagues showed promising information. The group interviewed 600 respondents from states that legalized marijuana, such as Nevada, Washington, California, Colorado, and Oregon. The researchers asked questions connected to the following concepts:

  1. What people thought about the relationship of their marijuana usage and exercising.
  2. When they usually use cannabis: before or after the exercise.
  3. Do the respondents believe that marijuana directly affects their workouts?
  4. How respondents can explain their belief that cannabis affects or influences the want to exercise as well as the recovery phase.

Although results showed that the majority of respondents stated that they used cannabis during the first hour of exercising, Bryan wants to make it clear that she does not want people to think that smoking cannabis is the only way for you to start working out. The plant can only boost the real emotions of wanting to start a workout, not create them.

Reasons Why You Should Use Cannabis When You Plan To Workout

Many fitness enthusiasts are starting to endorse marijuana utilization, together with their exercise. Cbd capsules are one of the most common products being promoted by health buffs since it’s easy very to use. This endorsement is mainly because of the advantages and benefits that marijuana gives its users.

#1: There Is a Significant Reduction In Muscle Inflammation

The reduction in inflammation is one of the most popular and known benefits of using marijuana. Specifically, the strain with CBD or cannabidiol is the one that’s mostly used by fitness enthusiasts. According to Adam Brous, he highly recommends marijuana utilization to his clients who engage in different sports and experience joint and muscle pain. However, for those who want to experience cannabis benefits without having to smoke and get the sensation of being high, Brous recommends topicals or tinctures. And also, CBD plays a key role in recovering muscle and mental. The recover function mainly comes from CBD, and this is the reason why CBD oil has a dramatic increase in the sale recently. CBD’s by-products are invented to satisfy the high demand of the market.

#2: A Person’s Mental Acuity Improves

It’s not true that marijuana decreases brain activity or causes detrimental effects on a user. Because according to a 2017 study, the researchers conducted a study on mice and their brain activity. Results showed that low doses of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) restored the cognitive functions of the mice.

#3: Cannabis Is A Safer Alternative To Opioids

It’s no secret that exercising and workouts have an increased risk of accidents. And if ever injuries do happen, marijuana can be the perfect and less scary alternative. The THC components are known to have the same effects as opiates when trying to treat pain. The good news is that it is highly less addictive.

#4: Marijuana Is Perfect For The Recovery Phase Of Workouts

In line with the information mentioned earlier, the opiate-like effects of marijuana are a big hit among fitness coaches and enthusiasts. This specific property of marijuana is especially crucial for the later part of a workout: the recovery phase. Making a recovery phase after exercising is equally important as warming up before you start anything.

#5: The Feeling Of Wanting To Eat More Can Help

The phenomenal feeling of the “munchies” is a popular thing among marijuana users, especially with those who use strains that have high THC content. Although some see this feeling as a downside, bodybuilders can benefit from the cravings. The thought of having an increased appetite is the ultimate goal for bodybuilders who want to improve their BMI and muscle mass.

Overall, using cannabis during fitness training and workouts prove to be better than what most people think. The studies have shown it, and future research will continue to shed light on the numerous benefits of using marijuana not only in workouts but other activities as well.