What Actually Are The Advantages Of A Padded Sports Bra?

Sports bras are an essential part of any woman’s gym kit. Whether you’re a running fanatic, a yogi or love your new dance class, sports bras are there to make your life easier and make exercise much more enjoyable.

But how exactly do they do this? Below we take a closer look at some of the many advantages of wearing a padded sports bra.

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Advantage #1: Wearing a sports bra makes you less sweaty

Working out makes your mind and body healthier, but it also causes you to sweat, which doesn’t feel nice.

A major advantage of padded sports bras is that they are made from manmade material blends. This means that they’ve been specifically designed to make you feel less sweaty because they dry quickly, don’t retain moisture and increase the air flow to your body — which helps to cool you down.

Normal bras are made from natural materials like cotton, which, although breathable, hold moisture and take a long time to dry.

Sports bras, on the other hand, also tend to be moisture-wicking which means they draw sweat to the top of your bra, making it easier for sweat to evaporate and keep you cool. Even if they are padded, the material used is normally light and breathable, which still allowing for firm control.

No one likes being sweaty, but there’s more to dislike about it than just smelling bad. Sweating excessively can cause problems for your skin, leading it to become infected or causing skin to peel. So not only does wearing a padded sports bra make you smell fresher, it also protects your skin!

Advantage #2: Using a padded sports bra reduces breast pain

Whether you’re on a treadmill or walking around your workplace, your breasts are in motion throughout the day. When your breasts move — particularly during high-impact exercise — it can cause a strain on your breast tissue, causing discomfort and pain. There’s even a name for this — “runner’s boob.”

Padded sports bras use technology to restrict the movement of your breasts, helping to reduce pain throughout your workout session.

Choosing the right padded sports bra can be tricky, though; there’s a lot of variety out there, and different ways they they support your breasts and restrict movement.

Sports bras typically use one of three methods to restrict movement: encapsulation; compression; or a combination of encapsulation and compression.

Each type is suited for a different level of activity:

  • Encapsulation bras work by using individual cups to support your breast, and are ideal for low levels of movement.
  • Compression bras go over your head then compress your breasts against your chest, and are perfect for medium levels of movement.
  • Combination bras compress and support your breasts, making them great for high levels of movement and high-impact sports like running.

It’s best to choose a sports bra that is most suited to your needs, so that you can protest your breasts as best you can.

Advantage #3: Padded sports bras reduce breast sagging

One of the great downsides of exercising as a woman is that your breasts may be more likely to sag in the long-term.

Exercising more leads increased movement in your breasts, which is not only painful but can also cause your breasts to sag. An advantage of sports bras is that they can reduce the risk of sagging through support, and by controlling the movement of your breasts through compression or encapsulation.

Sagging may result in your breasts having a deflated look, and the damage it causes can be irreversible. Using a supportive sports bra lets you move and exercise without worrying about your breasts losing their shape or firmness, whatever your level of movement.

You can find a selection of padded sports bras at Knix, a leading provider of bras which are as comfy as they are protective. Knix’s range of bras are suitable for women of all shapes and sizes and come in a versatile selection of styles, so that you can look and feel good while reducing risks of sagging.

Advantage #4: Padded sports bras make you look and feel good

If you’re comfortable working out in any scenario or environment, that’s awesome. But sometimes, doing exercise can make us feel flustered and uncomfortable.

If you’ve just signed up to a new gym and you feel like everyone’s staring at you, or you’re out on a park run and worried about what you look like, it can make you feel embarrassed and self-conscious. Worst of all, the experience can make you feel so bad that you don’t want to do it again.

By supporting and controlling your breasts with a sports bra, you have one less thing to worry about. Sports bras are specifically made to eliminate breast, back and shoulder pain, helping you to feel more comfortable while you exercise. Plus, with their extra padding, you feel more protected and supported during workouts.

Wearing a padded sports bra makes you look good and feel good, giving you that extra confidence boost that you need.

There are many advantages to using a padded sports bra while you exercise. Make sure you look after your breasts and invest in a sports bra that gives you the support you need — it’s a simple step to take to make yourself feel more comfortable and confident during your workout sessions and in life.