What sportspersons need to know about wearing contact lens

Here’s something some athletes may not know: Contact lenses aren’t just great for sportspersons who want to have a better field of view, they can also help enhance the performance on the field.

Why sportspersons prefer contact lenses over eyeglasses –

  • Better peripheral vision: Contact lenses provide much better peripheral vision comapred to eyeglasses.
  • Field of view: Unlike eyeglasses, where the field of view is obstructed by the frame, contact lenses provide an unobstructed field of view. This helps sportspersons react faster because they can see everything much more clearly.
  • No fogging up: Eyeglasses have a terrible problem. They fog up in different weather conditions whereas lenses do not have this problem. This can help sportspersons when time is of the essence.
  • No splatter: During rain or snow or mud, eye glasses get splattered. Lenses usually do not have this issue.
  • Lesser likelihood of injury: During contact sports, your eyeglasses may break and cause injury which will never happen if you wear contact lenses.
  • Stable vision: For runners, eyeglasses are not a good option. Vision shifts with every stride. Contact lenses help with stability and do not slide off your face like glasses do.
  • Safety equipment: If you are required to wear safety goggles or helmets, eyeglasses make it extremely uncomfortable. Lenses do not interfere with the fit or comfort.

Pro Tip: You can wear disposable contact lenses from Anesthesia USA to avoid fretting over maintenance and storage.

Gas Permeable and Hybrid Contacts

Most athletes prefer soft contacts but Gas permeable ones are also an option since they are more durable. This helps with astigmatism and help with sharper vision. They also do not accumulate any debris because they are hard. Gas permeable lenses do not dry your eyes out like soft contacts because they don’t soak up your tears.

However, their rigidity can make it difficult to get used to these lenses. Given their smaller diameter, it is possible that they may get dislodged from your eyes during contact sports. You can have your doctor prescribe you custom contacts that are wide enough.

You could also give hybrid contact lenses a try. These lenses have gas permeable lenses in the center and are surrounded by soft contact lenses.

Tints and UV protection

Some athletes benefit from lenses with slight tint in them. This helps them see the ball better and react faster. You could give Anesthesia Vegas Pearl a try for greater comfort.

These custom-tinted lenses filter light rays to allow you to see things better. The most popular tints are amber and gray-green. Amber lenses are preferred by baseball, tennis and soccer players. Gray-green lenses are preferred by golfers, runners and bikers.

Soft contacts also have an additional bonus – UV protection. UV rays can seriously harm the eyes which is why athletes can opt for these to prevent any long-term damage.

To understand which lenses are best, you should see a specialist. These lenses may not be available in your regular store, so your doctor will let you know where you can pick them up from.