Why Use Contact Lenses on Daily Basis

There are a good variety of lenses available in the market today. But before buying one, we question that; if using contact lenses on daily basis fine or not. To answer that might not be appropriate as there are some disposable kinds of lenses which are intended to be thrown away every day or every other week or even monthly. To wear contact lenses might be beyond the recommended time that can lead to unhealthy eyes and discomfort. Today contact lenses are common and are used for vision correction to some kind. Though there is a lot of option for eyes, but lenses are considered one of the best option.

Questions to ask before considering daily contact lenses

Before taking into consideration the use of contact lenses on daily basis, it is necessary to take into account some important points.

  1. Kind of lenses

It’s one of the important factors that one must consider before buying lenses. There are two basic types of lenses to choose. One is hard kind and other is soft kind with different color respectively. Selecting the type depends on the state of your vision. People mostly choose soft contacts. These are quite flexible lenses that fit right on to the top of the eyes. These are easy to insert and remove.

When it’s about the hard one, these are usually gas permeable and allows for greater oxygen flows to the eyes. These are used by small minority of contact wearers. The hard contacts are ideal as these are useful for medical conditions where deposits might get worse to eye health. The reason is because of protein deposits that don’t easily accumulate on these lenses. These hard contacts are providing better visual acuity than soft contacts. But hard or soft lenses depend on comfort level.

  1. Understanding the requirement

It’s necessary to check out that is it necessary to understand daily wear or daily disposables. It’s important to have a clear distinction. You wear daily contacts during the day but what matters is the wearing pattern. The daily disposables are also worn during the day. So it’s important that you specifically need to discard these lenses every night. It’s a daily replacement schedule.

When it comes to daily wear contact lens, they are cheaper if you choose ones that have a longer replacement schedule. These lenses need a lot of care and you have to remove and disinfect them on a daily basis. The users can replace the daily wear contacts anywhere from every day to every couple of weeks to monthly.


  1. Taking health conditions into regard

There are some health conditions or specifically eye health which matters with the health conditions. Some people have uneven powers for their eyes. In this case it’s necessary to spend more on time with contacts than other people do. Instead you need to purchase two different prescriptions.

Final Words –

People with astigmatism need to check out as regular lenses cannot correct vision. For this gas permeable or toric contact lenses are perfect tools for correcting astigmatism. In disorders like presbyopia you lose the ability to focus on nearby objects with age. For them one option is monovision lenses. These are for long distance in the dominant eye and another lens is for closer focus on the non- dominant eye.