3 Ways a Caregiver Can Help You Lead an Independent Life as a Senior

Every day, 65,000 Americans turn 65 and many of them choose this milestone birthday to retire. Today’s seniors are healthier than ever before and often live active lives. However, even the most robust usually have some limitations that make it increasingly difficult to live alone as they age. Many find that their eyesight, balance, memory, or coordination are not what they once were.

If you are an older American, you are no doubt wondering how long you will be able to drive, maintain your usual daily regimen, or even avoid household accidents as you get older. For many seniors, expert caregiver services are the solution. Providers offer anything from minor assistance to advanced nursing care. You can choose to move to a senior community or arrange in-home services that allow you to age in place. Either choice can help your family, social life, and overall well-being.

You Do Not Have to Depend on Family MembersĀ 

Once you arrange caregiver services, you no longer depend on family members for help. If you live far from grown children and grandchildren, they will rest easier knowing you are getting the assistance you need. Seniors who choose caregiver services often find that family relationships improve. Communities like Pegasus Senior Living offer options that include independent and assisted living as well as memory care. Each includes a different service level and residents can tailor arrangements to suit their lifestyles and personal needs. If you prefer to remain at home, there are home nursing services that offer essentially the same choices.

Your Social Life Will Improve

Whether you move into an assisted living community or arrange one-on-one care, you automatically combat loneliness. While many seniors thrive with independent, single lives, some begin to feel isolated as they outlive friends and family members. An article in Psychology Today states that many older Americans increase their visits to doctors’ offices just to enjoy the company of other seniors and welcoming medical staff. If you become a resident of a senior community, you have access to dozens of other residents who share your interests. A home caregiver may also become a trusted friend and companion. Spending time with people you enjoy can improve your well-being and may even extend your life.

You Take Control of Your Healthcare

Millions of seniors who are worried about the current U.S. healthcare system choose caregiver services to ensure they do not get lost in the huge, profit-centered medical industry. Hospitals and even some practices may be impersonal or poorly trained in delivering senior care.

A Forbes piece on the subject advised that the American medical care system often encourages tests and hospital admissions and downplays the importance of social support and personal help. However, an at-home caregiver offers personal care without being distracted by other patients or their needs. The staff of quality assisted living community also provides each resident with the help they need. Caregivers monitor each patient and make recommendations when their situations change. They routinely transition clients seamlessly from independent to assisted living arrangements.

Vibrant senior citizens can make arrangements that allow them to remain as independent as possible for life. Many seniors move to communities that offer independent and assisted living options. Some hire home caregivers. Caregivers provide personal services that ensure their clients’ changing needs are always met. Seniors do not have to depend on their relatives for help, which can improve family relationships.