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Learn how to fight off depression by reworking your mindset, developing better exercise strategies, and eating a more healthful diet. Get happy with these tips and tricks!

Top Ways to Bring Peace and Balance to Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

When you think about getting “healthy,” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Well, if you’re like most people, diet and exercise are probably the two things that come to mind. That’s because, in the past, your physical health was what was considered as the foundation of your overall health… but the state of your mind is also a major component to the overall functioning of your body as well. Good health isn’t just about your physical body; In fact, our mind and body are so connected that you can’t have one without the other, and they actually ... Read more

What Are the Mental Skills that Can Help You Reach Peak Performance?

In any sport, positive mental health is as important as physical skills. In fact, it is often the differentiating factor between two athletes of the same caliber. That’s why it is important to practice mental skills, to improve in the sports you practice. Not only will you get better at it, but it will also reflect in your life skills at school, work and in your relationships. Scientifically Proven Studies on tennis have shown that 85% of the performance is due to the player’s mental capacity and the way they handle their emotion. A big part of that comes in ... Read more

Ways To Handle Negativity In Social Media For Mental Peace

Gone by the days when you need to go out of your home to socialize. Now, all you have to do is access the internet, log in to your social media account and voila, you can speak with your family and friends in an instant. Social media has been an efficient and effective way for people to talk and communicate. Wherever they are in the world, they can connect to anyone they like. Hence families should not worry if they need to go separate ways, as contacting each other has never been so easy. But even how good the purpose ... Read more

6 Mental Health Benefits of Exercises You Need to Know

You are already aware of the many benefits of exercise to your body. But did you know that exercises are also good for your mental health? Exercises help in boosting your mood, improving your sleep, and help you in handling stress, anxiety, depression, and others. So, this article brings you the health benefits of exercises to your mental health. Here are 4 mental health benefits of exercises you need to know: Treat Depression Different studies show that exercises help in treating mild/moderate depression which makes it an active antidepressant medicine. Best of all, it doesn’t have side effects like the ... Read more

How to Maintain Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Every day, it seems like there are more and more things you have to be aware of and consider, even when you are just going about your life and routine. During the COVID-19 outbreak, many have had to become more cautious and careful about the things they do, in order to remain safe and healthy. This can be difficult to process and even more difficult to accomplish, but there are a few steps that can make it easier, especially when it comes to taking care of your mental health during the pandemic. Approaching Exercise In many areas, there are stringent ... Read more

5 Tips on Staying Mentally Fit During College

College is undoubtedly among the most stressful and overwhelming time in a person’s life. While some students use that stress as a drive to do better in college, it can get a little out of hand for others because there’s just so much going. Whether you have a lot on your plate every day or you just lay back in your dorm and try to relax, stress eventually finds its way to every college student sooner or later. It’s a horror show that is tough to escape from. However, it’s still possible. With the right balance in your life, you ... Read more

The Mental Impacts of Fitness

Isometrics and keeping fit are essential in kids’ development. The activities not only help your young ones to interact with the real world but also bolsters their concentration in class. But that’s not all, as exercise has a huge mental impact, as seen in the blog below. For most students, school and classroom life is challenging. Many of them lose concentration when they stay in a learning setting for long, which is why you need to come up with some new means of ensuring the maximum attention in class. It can be through organizing homework breaks, where kids can have ... Read more

How playing games can keep your brain healthy

Although the gaming industry is now one of the most lucrative in the world, and developments like eSports have given gamers the opportunity to transform their passion into a profitable and rewarding career, playing games is still often seen as a “lazy” activity. Sure, if we’re procrastinating for hours with yet another round of Candy Crush Saga, or spending all our free time in front of a screen, then we definitely need to be mindful of our habits and the time we waste distracting ourselves. However, short bursts of gaming on a regular basis can actually have a positive impact on brain health. Video games do ... Read more

5 Mental Health Benefits of Exercising

The below is a guest post from Marko Rakic, who is a trail runner from Sydney, Australia. When he’s not outside doing long miles you will find him posting regularly on his health and fitness blog, The Ultimate Primate.  Introduction When I miss a day or two without exercising, I always feel like something is a bit off. I do everything slower — my work, my chores, even just walking from the couch to the refrigerator. It’s like walking in molasses sometimes, and I find that I can’t wait to hit the gym and workout again. It wasn’t like this ... Read more

What’s Causing Your Depression & How To Kick It

We all feel a little down sometimes. And though many of us are able to pick ourselves up, it’s not always that simple for everyone else. Some people can’t do this as quickly as others, and symptoms of depression linger for years in some severe cases. It makes us wonder what causes these spells to come over us and completely take over our personalities where we become snappy, rude, or just flat out sad and crying uncontrollably. Depression is one of those things that can be caused by a number of things, so you’ll have to work with your doctor ... Read more

Is online gambling good for mental health? – Facts people should know

As people get older, they stop using certain parts of their brain, making those areas weaker over a period of time, resulting in quicker onset of senility. However, they can do certain things to slow down this natural process, and hence keep their brain in good shape even during the later years of their lives. Doctors and scientists have carried out extensive studies on the human brain to understand its faster deterioration in some people, compared to others. What they found was that individuals who stay busy in some way or the other are more likely to retain their mental ... Read more

Top 5 Lifestyle Elements for Improving Men’s Health

A modern man knows that he needs to put his health first in order to provide for his family and strive for happiness. Long gone are the times when taking care of yourself was overlooked and neglected because of career choices or overall business. As a society, we made a huge step forward when it comes to the longevity of life in general. However, statistically, men still live a bit shorter than women. The reason behind it, you guessed it, lifestyle and health. Men’s health requires a unique set of nutrients to support testosterone levels, prostate health, and many more. ... Read more

How To Use Meditation During Rehab

Getting rid of addiction is not an easy deal to fight and eliminate from one’s life. Together with posturing a considerable risk to an addict’s life, it additionally takes a toll on them emotionally, socially as well as financially. It can cost them their life, job and eventually also lose their family due to their ‘careless’ behavior. This is why an individual battling addiction is more prone to be susceptible to depression and other mind relevant conditions. Given that these individuals are regularly in a state of chaos, it is critical for them to discover peace within themselves. Meditation makes ... Read more

Ways to Take Care of Your Emotional Health

Your metabolism is the process responsible for transforming the food you eat into energy to fuel your body. Increasing your basal metabolic rate plays a significant role in weight loss as it helps your body to burn calories. You may have noticed that some people eat large quantities without gaining much weight, while others tend to accumulate fat notably quicker. This article discusses ten ways in which you can rev up your metabolism. 1.Brew a Cup of Coffee Brewing yourself a cup of good coffee with quality espresso makers will make everything much more manageable, and it is also time-efficient. ... Read more

Lukas Politis Explains How Exploring Nature Can Improve Mental Health & Reduce Stress

When lockdown measures were put in place in March, millions of people were suddenly faced with the anxiety of uncertainty, lay-offs, and working from home. No matter how stressful your lockdown experience has been, there are a few simple ways to reduce the stress, anxiety, and depression associated with COVID-19. As a sports communications and broadcasting professional, Lukas Politis has always seen the physical and mental value of connecting directly with nature during stressful times, and COVID-19 is no different. Growing up in Pearl River, NY, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, and kayaking have always been a part of Lukas Politis’ ... Read more