Top 5 Lifestyle Elements for Improving Men’s Health

A modern man knows that he needs to put his health first in order to provide for his family and strive for happiness. Long gone are the times when taking care of yourself was overlooked and neglected because of career choices or overall business. As a society, we made a huge step forward when it comes to the longevity of life in general. However, statistically, men still live a bit shorter than women. The reason behind it, you guessed it, lifestyle and health.

Men’s health requires a unique set of nutrients to support testosterone levels, prostate health, and many more. Because we are in the middle of Men’s Health Month, it feels only appropriate to talk about a lifestyle that is able to improve male health. Here are the top five pieces of advice you can get.

Keep Your Body Nourished

As scientists learned throughout history, male and female bodies need different types and volumes of nutrients to perform at the highest level. Not all bodies need the same level of nutritional support; it all depends on age, sex, environment, and lifestyle. However, when it comes to men, it seems like they all have a need for five specific nutrients in order to be consider themselves healthy. They are:

  • Vitamin D – to support heart and bone health as well as the production os testosterone. Also, an active ingredient for Best Testosterone Supplements.
  • Magnesium – to support muscular health and improve cardiovascular conditions. It can address the low-T in men.
  • Zinc – it is another nutrient on the list that can benefit the production of testosterone. It also helps to recover after an intensive workout.
  • Saw Palmetto – a healthy prostate is a necessity to men’s health, and this nutrient is here to maintain and protect it. Some studies show that it can also reduce hair loss.
  • Pycnogenol – it is a natural antioxidant that helps to manage inflammation.

Be active!

There is no surprise behind this particular advice. It is a well-known fact that your body needs to move to be able to survive for long years. If you wish to maintain mobility as you get older, you have to move well as you age. Do not focus solely on the strength training; make sure to add balance and flexibility workouts as well. Besides, studies have shown that people who live the longest live an active lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean three workouts every day. It means a lot of walking and some mobility exercises, not a lot, and yet highly effective.

Get Regular Screenings

Monitoring your health is key to success in detecting any possible issues or problems before they damage your health significantly. At least once a year, but preferably once every six months, visit your doctor and consult on the screenings you should go for. It seems like for men, the most critical screenings are:

  • Blood pressure screening
  • Cardiovascular screening
  • Prostate cancer exam
  • Colorectal cancer exam
  • Skin cancer exam
  • Testicular cancer exam

Your doctor should help you decide which one to choose based on your age, risk factors, and health history.

Minimize Risky Behaviour

If you smoke, use tobacco products, or like to drink above average,ask your doctor to help you quit or quit by yourself. Smoking can cause cancer or heart diseases, which are the most common reason for young men’s deaths. Cross out smoking from your habits, but you can still enjoy a drink from time to time as long as it is in moderation. Drinking excessively can lead to poor health, so try to avoid it at all costs.

Take care of Your Mental Health

Mental diseases and problems with mental health recently increased their death toll. In the twenty-first century, we see a massive increase in society’s issues with mental health. Keeping your mind in the right state throughout life is one of the most challenging tasks, so make sure not to forget about your mental health. Men seem to struggle to admit that they might need some help from a psychologist and psychiatrist, but it is absolutely necessary for them to take care of their mental health in every way they can. If you need some help, please don’t be afraid to ask for it, there is no shame in having a tougher period.

That concludes our list of top 5 lifestyle elements for improving men’s health. Taking care of yourself should be the number one priority for you, as you can’t do anything meaningful when you are unhealthy. Listen to your doctor, listen to your body, and stay healthy!