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Stress is inevitable in our society today, but the good news is that we’ve got ways for you to cope. Find your personal zen with these savvy strategies to keep your calm.

Lukas Politis Explains How Exploring Nature Can Improve Mental Health & Reduce Stress

When lockdown measures were put in place in March, millions of people were suddenly faced with the anxiety of uncertainty, lay-offs, and working from home. No matter how stressful your lockdown experience has been, there are a few simple ways to reduce the stress, anxiety, and depression associated with COVID-19. As a sports communications and broadcasting professional, Lukas Politis has always seen the physical and mental value of connecting directly with nature during stressful times, and COVID-19 is no different. Growing up in Pearl River, NY, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, and kayaking have always been a part of Lukas Politis’ ... Read more

Exercising With a Coach Will Help You Reduce Depression

Depression is a more severe condition than people may think and leads to more adverse complications and even sometimes death. Many people are facing depression and the number keeps increasing with time. Though many experience depression, it is good news to note that reliable studies and research have shown that exercising can change one’s mood, thus reducing levels of stress.  How Can Exercising Aid You In Reducing Depression? Exercises have proven to be vital in changing the moods of different people. We need to understand that there are many causes of depression and they vary between people. When you are ... Read more

Why Fitness is the Best Way to Release Study Stress?

For students, the struggle is real and so is study stress. When the exams draw near, the students start to break out in cold sweats and struggle to sleep. The workload seems impossible to work through and all you can think about is the deadlines that draw near and the fact that you will present an assignment that you haven’t finished yet. There is not a student that doesn’t experience study stress, but how they deal with it differs greatly. Needless to say, the students who are active and fit, seem to handle it all much better than others. Here ... Read more

How to treat your depression and anxiety disorders

Anxiety and Depression are two words that you must be familiar with since it is increasingly common nowadays. This is because many people are suffering from anxiety and depression. The reason behind this can be due to various reasons such as high-stress levels you experience at work or the problems that you are facing in your personal life. In any case, the symptoms to recognize anxiety and depression are easy enough for the majority of cases, since you will feel nervous, tense, heart rate increases while also feeling simultaneously depressed and not wanting to interact or eat anything if you ... Read more

Tips to Cope with IVF Stress

IVF brings about a sense of purpose and hope among couples who have been struggling to conceive. Annually 2.5 million cycles are performed, and 500,000 children are born, according to the RBMO Journal. Although this represents remarkable progress since the treatment first began, there are a few minor challenges. Women undergoing IVF might find it a little stressful, much like any other medical procedure. Managing the stress is possible, with proper care and guidance. If you are considering the treatment or are already undergoing one, here are some simple ways to keep yourself positive. Educate Yourself Before beginning the infertility ... Read more

TMS Health Solutions’ San Rafael Branch Is Committed to Treating Clinical Depression

Depression is an epidemic in the United States. The good news is that people who are suffering from this problem do not need to do it alone. There are clinics that you can go to in order to get the therapy and treatment that you need to live a normal life again. TMS Health Solutions is one of the most respected companies when it comes to the treatment of clinical depression San Rafael. They also specialize in treating a variety of other problems that many people suffer from. Treatment-resistant depression, OCD, pain management and memory disorder are just a few ... Read more

All You Need to Know About CBD for Improving Your Sleep

Restful, regular sleep is very important as not having enough sleep can affect your body in many ways – mentally, physically and emotionally. Millions of people worldwide are suffering from sleeplessness and interest in sleep aids is skyrocketing. People are always on the lookout for natural solutions – they would rather catch some shut-eye without feeling groggy in the morning or experiencing disturbing dreams. The option of using CBD to improve sleep with few to no side effects is causing a stir worldwide. Global sleep problems From stressed-out parents to night owls, millions of people all over the world feel ... Read more

How to Hit the University Off To Release Stress – Tips For Students

Many things run through the mind of a child when they are joining the university. For most of them, it is the first time they are taking care of themselves and managing their money. It is thus an opportunity for them to become responsible. It’s like starting a freelance writing career. However, albeit how this feels, life in the university has its ups and downs. Not every student will accept you. Also, you may face financial challenges. Many students face financial issues as the loan they receive seems never to be enough. Hence, as a student, any company and particularly ... Read more

The 8 Best Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

Yoga can do wonders for your strength, flexibility and mental health.

6 Breathing Exercises To Instantly Lower Stress

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5 Simple Ways To De-Stress In 5 Minutes Or Less

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7 Ways Stress Leads To Weight Gain

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This Is The Only Technique You’ll Ever Need To De-Stress

In this fast-paced world of long hours, demanding bosses, challenging time schedules and family pressures, we are bombarded by stress on a daily basis. Signup & Get Early Bird Access To Our Personal Training App Over time, stress can take its toll. It’s essential that we find ways to eliminate stress from our lives, as even short, stress-free intervals can be beneficial to our health. But what is stress, and why do we experience it? Our ancestors long ago developed what is called the flight-or-fight response. When faced with stressful situations, our bodies release hormones – adrenaline and noradrenaline or epinerphrine and norepinephrine – to increase ... Read more