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4 Things to Know About CBD Oil for Sleep

These days, Americans are more restless at night than ever before. Poor sleep health is a common problem with 25 percent of U.S. adults reporting insufficient sleep, according to the American Sleep Apnea Association. That’s a lot of people not getting enough shut eye. Medicating your way out of insomnia can be a risky business. Some sleep medicine can cause “sleep walking” side effects, which can become much more dangerous when people start to “sleep walk down the street” or even “sleep drive.” Surely, there’s a safer way to fall asleep naturally. One such natural remedy is CBD oil. Preliminary ... Read more

7 Best Ways to Sleep for a Truly Restful Night

According to the CDC, about one-third of all American adults don’t get enough sleep every night. Some of these people don’t sleep enough simply because they don’t make it a point to get to bed at a reasonable time. But others report not sleeping enough because of everything from back pain to sleep apnea. If you’re someone who struggles to fall asleep and stay asleep at least a few times every week, you could benefit from learning about the best ways to sleep. They’ll help you get the rest that your body and mind need so desperately. Here are seven ... Read more

3 Tips To Help You Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Do you feel exhausted at times during the day but struggle to get to sleep when bedtime comes around? Maybe you have no issue drifting off to sleep but find that you are wide awake only a few hours later. Lack of sleep is not only frustrating but can lead to a lack of concentration and mood swings, which can affect things at work and at home. If counting sheep isn’t quite cutting it, it’s perhaps time to try some alternative methods in a bid to get your sleeping pattern back on track. Here are 3 tips to help you ... Read more

5 Healthy Ways to Fix Your Snoring Problem

Sleeping needs peaceful and comfortable surroundings to have a well-rested body. However, there are many factors as to why a person is not able to sleep well—one of them is a sound distraction. The loud and harsh sound that occurs during sleep may be one of the reasons why you are not sleeping well. Snoring occurs during any stage of sleep. It is created when the back of your throat vibrates through its tissues as your air flows in while breathing. The sound is created as you breathe in air and come out through your mouth, nose, or both. Although ... Read more

8 Ways to Start Getting the Best Sleep of Your Life

Sleep is essential for proper health. It sharpens the mind, boosts your mood and even keeps your body healthier. But that’s not all a good night’s sleep provides. It also gives you more energy, contributes to your heart’s health, helps control your blood sugar and weight and strengthens your immune system. Now that you know how vital sleep is to your well-being, keep reading to discover a variety of ways to start getting the best sleep of your life. Invest in a Cooling Foam Memory Mattress A cooling memory foam mattress helps control your body’s temperature, relieves pain and prevents night sweats. Essentially, ... Read more

Sleep Deprivation & Your Immune System

Few people think deeply about the relationship between learning how to sleep better and your overall wellbeing. Sleeping well is usually considered last after eating and exercise as a key component of a balanced lifestyle, but the facts indicate it is just as important if not one of the most important, indicators of your wellbeing. Few people think of investing in a memory foam mattress for their health but are happy at the same time to stock up on chia seeds and goji berries for their antioxidants. A measured approach to your wellbeing can really be the best way to ... Read more

How Sleep Affects Your Overall Well-Being

Sleep heals the body and mind. Everyone needs the proper rest to function at work and deal with other daily issues. Improper amounts of sleep can affect the way people think and feel. Loss of concentration and focus are other common symptoms. Our body was designed to recoup from the daily struggles we all face through an adequate sleep cycle. Sleep Helps the Body to Heal Most people think of sleep as the time we spend dreaming of some faraway place. This isn’t the case at all when it comes to getting proper rest. When we fall asleep, our brains ... Read more

How to Choose the Perfect Pillow

Mattresses always seem to get the most attention for the best reasons. Did you know that the pillow choices you make play a role in how well you sleep at night? Cheap pillows can be too soft or hard. They can make your head hurt. The wrong pillow choice can cause you to have severe neck pain. The Difference a Pillow Can Make The right pillow helps to keep your body alignment correct to avoid waking with aches and stiffness in the neck. It can radiate down your shoulders and back. Sleeping on the wrong pillow can mean little or ... Read more

What Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

Sleep is vital for proper brain function and systemic physiology across the body’s systems. Sleep problems prevail and include a deficit in quality and quantity of sleep. Various factors contribute to sleep disruptions, ranging from environmental and lifestyle factors to other medical conditions like sleep disorders. Sleep Deprivation is widespread. A National Sleep Foundation study conducted in 2014 determined that 35% of adult Americans rated their quality of sleep as ‘only fair’ or ‘poor’. About 45% of the respondents had trouble sleeping for at least one night each week. Moreover, 23% of the study participants struggled to stay asleep for ... Read more

How to Sleep Better and Enhance your Writing Skill

Writing can be quite challenging and can cause endless problems for most writers owing to the fact that they need to constantly create content to remain relevant. This becomes even more complex when you can hardly concentrate on your writing tasks due to exhaustion from lack of sufficient sleep. But why does this happen and are there ways to solve the problem of lack of enough sleep? If you have been facing problems trying to fall asleep at night, then this article is just for you. In order to function like a normal human being and write great and high-quality ... Read more

Improve Your Recovery by Sleeping Better

Both exercise and sleep are vital components of a healthy lifestyle, and one cannot be effective without the other. If you exercise without sufficient sleep, you will not have the energy reserves to sustain you during your workout. You also run the risk of incurring an injury. By omitting exercise from your routine, you are not maintaining or improving the strength of your muscles, bones, and joints, which may lead to health concerns later. During exercise, your body is, essentially, broken down. Muscles and bones are stressed and sustain small tears. Your core temperature increases as fluid levels drop. Your ... Read more

Why a Good Night’s Rest Is Crucial for Muscle Growth

Muscle growth is a vitally important element of your body’s system that must be aided and looked after as well as you can, especially if you’re trying to build muscle mass for fitness. One of the best ways to optimize muscle growth and ensure that your body is working to its full capacity is by getting a good night’s rest. Why Is Muscle Growth Important? Ensuring that your body can grow muscle to the best of its ability is extremely important, as good muscle growth can do wonders for your health and fitness. By increasing your muscle mass, you will ... Read more

How to Get Rid of Neck Pain from Sleeping Wrong

Research shows that sleeping problems may be at the root of up to five percent of new cases of chronic pain. Many of these factors are controllable, which means that by making some changes you may be able to alleviate your neck pain, and other types of pain, too. We’ve all experienced waking up with a sore or stiff neck from time to time. Usually, we attribute it to a bad night’s sleep, but there are things we may have done the previous day that affect how we feel when we wake up. Common causes are: poor posture during the ... Read more

Science-backed Ways to Use Cannabis to Boost Athletic Performance

It should go without saying that smoking a blunt before running hurdles won’t give you the best time of your life — but that doesn’t mean that cannabis is useless in athletic pursuits. As medicinal and recreational marijuana increases in accessibility, more studies on the drug are confirming that weed can have a positive impact on athletic performance, but only if you use CBD and THC properly. If you want to use cannabis to run faster, jump higher and generally perform better, read on to learn more about what science has found. Reducing Inflammation Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the non-psychoactive ... Read more

Did you know that most babies don’t sleep without this trick?

Ah yes, that newborn baby!  As new parents, you happily dote over your little bundle of joy and satisfy his or her every wish.  You remember that old saying, “children are a gift from God!’” and this seems to be the case.  That is until your newborn wakes up in the middle of the night screaming inconsolable!  No amount of swaddling, rocking, swinging, or swinging will put him or her to sleep.  Desperate, you and your spouse turn to the Internet to look for a solution.  The answers you find to this and other related issues interest the two of ... Read more