How to Choose the Perfect Pillow

Mattresses always seem to get the most attention for the best reasons. Did you know that the pillow choices you make play a role in how well you sleep at night? Cheap pillows can be too soft or hard. They can make your head hurt. The wrong pillow choice can cause you to have severe neck pain.

The Difference a Pillow Can Make

The right pillow helps to keep your body alignment correct to avoid waking with aches and stiffness in the neck. It can radiate down your shoulders and back. Sleeping on the wrong pillow can mean little or no sleep at all. A high-quality pillow will be comfortable for your head and neck to rest on. It supports the head and neck to eliminate problems falling asleep.

How Long Do Pillows Last?

It might seem like a waste of money to purchase new bed pillows after 12 to 18 months of use. This is the standard life of typical bed pillows. Pillows are made from natural and synthetic materials. You will pay more for a feathered pillow over one made from cheap fiber material. Memory foam pillows are more expensive and can last up to three years before replacement.

Here is an important health reason to splurge for new pillows. The pillow you rest your head on can contain dead skin and dandruff that you are breathing into your lungs. Don’t forget about dust mites either. Stains and smells could lead to mold issues.

Selecting High-Quality Pillows

Memory foam pillows have become one of the most popular brands on the market. They contour to the shape of your head. It helps support the head and neck for proper alignment with the spine. The foam pillow goes back to the original shape after use.

Down pillows are another favorite among users. The pillows are soft from goose or duck feathers inside the fabric. They are made from a combination of feathers and other filling used in the manufacturing process.

Polyester fill pillows are an inexpensive choice that remains popular because of cost. They can be soft or medium-soft. They flatten during use and may require a couple of pillows to furnish support to individuals using them. The good thing about polyester pillows is that they are cheap. They can be replaced easily for the low costs.

Cotton pillows are a good choice for people who suffer from allergies. They are hypoallergenic. The pillow is mold and dust mite resistant. Cotton pillows are firmer than many other types.

Latex pillows are another firm pillow choice to consider. They are mold and dust mite resistant. Both the cotton and latex pillows are firmer than down pillows. Latex pillows restrict movement during sleep. The greatest thing about them is they deliver extra support to the neck and head during sleep.

Choose the Right Pillow for You

The way you sleep can determine what pillow is best for you. Side sleepers need a firmer pillow. A thicker design is ideal to aid the support of the head and neck. Stomach sleepers may use a softer pillow. They may sleep with one under the stomach to help avoid back problems.

People who sleep on the back may want a softer pillow. A firmer pillow is a good choice for those who suffer from pain associated with how they sleep at night. It helps keep the head and neck in alignment with the spine.

You can always try various options with pillows. Don’t let a bad pillow cause you to lose sleep at night. Experiment with different brands and types of pillows to find the one that works best for you.