5 Healthy Ways to Fix Your Snoring Problem

Sleeping needs peaceful and comfortable surroundings to have a well-rested body. However, there are many factors as to why a person is not able to sleep well—one of them is a sound distraction. The loud and harsh sound that occurs during sleep may be one of the reasons why you are not sleeping well.

Snoring occurs during any stage of sleep. It is created when the back of your throat vibrates through its tissues as your air flows in while breathing. The sound is created as you breathe in air and come out through your mouth, nose, or both.

Although one can say that snoring is common, you should not overlook this sleep occurrence and instead treat it as a serious matter. There are lots of problems that may arise when one snores since it may lead to sleep obstruction, thus with this said, here are some healthy ways that you might want to know to fix your snoring problem.

Change Your Sleeping Position

Not all may know this, but your sleeping position might be the culprit. According to the otolaryngologist and snoring expert at Capital Otolaryngology in Texas, Dr. Daniel Slaughter, M.D, lying on your back makes your tongue and soft palate collapse to your throat’s back wall causing a vibrating sound during sleep.

Changing your sleeping position means adjusting and practicing into a new one, such as sleeping on your side. Now, maintain your side position during sleep by supporting your entire body with a body pillow, or a full-length pillow.

If you insist on retaining your laid-back sleeping position, you should at least be able to recline the bed and make sure that your head is up. By doing the said actions will help open up the nasal airway but may cause neck pain. Now, if the snoring continues even after changing your sleeping position, it may be best to consult a doctor.

Anti Snoring Device

An Anti Snoring Device To Stop Snoring by Armageddon Sports helps people stop snoring excessively. Since modernization comes with new innovative technology, plenty of innovators and medical professionals have curated such devices. This device is said to be clinically proven and that it helps improve nasal airflow, providing support for the soft tissue around the mouth and nose.

The anti-snoring device comes in various types and forms. Some tools work externally to keep the nasal passages clear, while others fit comfortably inside a person’s mouth or nostrils to reduce the snoring.

Nevertheless, this device is commonly sought out by those people who have snoring problems—and the results per patient have varied per products used.

Shed Some Weight

Losing weight depends highly on the person experiencing the snoring problem since slim or slender people can snore too. However, if you had started to experience snoring when you gained weight, that might be the culprit for your current problem.

If you did not snore before you gained weight, try shedding some of it and observing the result. It would help if you lost weight because the increased fat around your neck squeezes the internal diameter of the throat, collapsing the tongue and soft palate to the back of your throat’s wall, triggering snoring.

Avoid Alcohol

Although many people find that drinking alcohol before bedtime helps them relax and sleep, it is a short-term solution to another problem. Alcohol or any sedatives tend to reduce the resting tone of your throat’s muscles, resulting in your snoring while sleeping.

According to Dr. Chokroverty, a neuroscience professor, and a program director for Clinical Neurophysiology and Sleep Medicine at JFK Medical Center in Edison, stated that drinking alcohol four to five hours before bedtime makes a person’s snoring worse. Thus, it is highly discouraged to drink alcohol during the timeframe given before sleeping.

Go for a Good Sleep Hygiene

Medical professionals cannot stress enough how much a person needs to practice good sleep hygiene. Results in having good sleep hygiene equate to a proper well-rested body, which significantly affects one’s overall health.

By having poor sleep habits, such as drinking alcohol a few hours before sleeping or working long hours without a well-rested body, you might sleep hard and deep, making your muscles too relaxed, resulting in your snoring.

Additionally, you may want to clean your pillows once every week since dust mites tend to accumulate in pillows and cause allergic reactions. You should consider this, especially if you feel fine during the day but are distracted at night, which contributes to your snoring.


Snoring can be quite stubborn and difficult to treat if you do not know how to face it. Thus, with proper sleep hygiene and making your overall body healthy through good practices, then you may be able to overcome the problem eventually.

However, if you have already done everything you could, and there were little to none improved results, you might as well visit a doctor since it may be an underlying health issue.