Author: Mubeen Yaqoob

Deciding If Plastic Surgery Is Right for You

Plastic surgery is an excellent option for many people, and those cutting-edge treatments can be used to address a wide array of cosmetic issues. That being said, cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone, and you will need to carry out some research and consider a few different variables well before you undergo any type of procedure. Luckily, with a solid plan in place and a skilled Atlanta plastic surgery team by your side, you will be able to rejuvenate your appearance and boost your confidence. Choosing a Procedure There are many different cosmetic procedures to choose from, and each operation has ... Read more

Each Step in the Breast Augmentation Procedure

Hundreds of thousands of patients get breast implants every single year, and that procedure continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic operations in the world. During your procedure, an experienced surgeon will be able to enhance the size of your breasts with advanced implants that could last for 10 years or longer. If you think that this procedure might be a good option for you, then you should spend a little bit of time researching each step in the operation so that you know exactly what to expect. Where to Start Many people begin this process by looking ... Read more

Eradicate Facial Blemishes With Minimally Invasive Fat Grafting

Injectable fillers are exceptionally popular, and they can help patients deal with many different facial blemishes. Unfortunately, those products also come with a few potential drawbacks, and some patients negatively react to the injections. If you would like to avoid potential complications but still want to eradicate age-related blemishes, then you should consider the facial fat transfer procedure. That cutting-edge treatment can restore your youthful beauty almost immediately, and the risk of post-op complications is extremely low. Why Fat Grafting? There are quite a few reasons why many patients and medical professionals are now choosing fat grafting over injectable fillers. ... Read more

What Is An AED Device And Why Is It Important For Your Gym?

If you’ve ever suffered from cardiac arrest, then you know how important the use of an AED device is. Cardiac arrest is considered as one of the top reasons for an emergency room visit, and it can be a very traumatic event. When this happens, the medical staff will work to determine whether or not an AED is necessary. AED devices, however, are not just limited to hospitals and medical settings. You’ll also find portable, and even wearable AED units available for purchase. What Is An AED Device? AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator. This is a portable and lightweight ... Read more

Can CBD Help Smoking Cessation?

Smoking is hard to quit because of the addictive nicotine present in tobacco. Tobacco contains poisonous substances, such as carbon monoxide and tar, that can build up in the blood and lungs and negatively affects one’s health. Moreover, the health risks from smoking are not only limited to the lungs, but many parts of the body, such as the brain, heart, mouth, and bones. Smokers usually turn to vape as an alternative to smoking, especially when they want to quit since it doesn’t contain tobacco. However, most vape juices contain nicotine, which is the addictive substance you want to avoid. ... Read more

Popular Diet and Weight Loss Pills You Can Purchase

Losing weight can be very challenging. Eating less and exercising more are the basics of losing weight. However, some people prefer to add diet and weight loss pills to their routine to lose a few kilos faster. Do Diet and Weight Loss Pills Work? Most health professionals would agree that the best way to lose some weight is through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Moreover, your discipline when it comes to eating and exercising also is a significant factor in your weight loss journey. The American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology stated that a combination of increased ... Read more

The Dreaded ACL: Your Surgical Considerations

For those of you who follow sport, it would be fair to say that the ACL is one of the most common, and dreaded, forms of injury. It’s one that has ended some careers and put others on hold for a number of years. Umpteen famous athletes have suffered this injury and while their sporting career is subsequently cast under the microscope, the repercussions are just as painful for the Average Joe. Unlike high-profile athletes, surgery for a typical person isn’t always a foregone conclusion. Of course, there are financial questions and if you’re opting for the private route, making ... Read more

Training Tips for Football Players

Follow the Pros Playing football at any level takes a certain kind of person to be able to withstand the rigors of the sport and the violent nature of the game. But if you are blessed with the mental and physical toughness to play at the high school, college, or even the recreational level then it is important that you stay in shape all year round. Incorporating a training regimen that is peculiar to football players will allow you to maintain your fitness while steeling your body for the punishment of an entire football season. And while some injuries cannot ... Read more

Top Ways to Bring Peace and Balance to Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

When you think about getting “healthy,” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Well, if you’re like most people, diet and exercise are probably the two things that come to mind. That’s because, in the past, your physical health was what was considered as the foundation of your overall health… but the state of your mind is also a major component to the overall functioning of your body as well. Good health isn’t just about your physical body; In fact, our mind and body are so connected that you can’t have one without the other, and they actually ... Read more

An Essential Guide to Working Out at Home

Due to the global pandemic, working out at home has become increasingly popular. Rather than going to the gym, thousands have taken matters into their own hands and designed their own fitness routines. Not only will working out at home save you time and money, but it will also lower your chances of coming into contact with the coronavirus. If you want to start getting fit at home but find the whole process overwhelming, here is an essential guide to working out at home. Gym Routine Establishing a fitness routine is one of the easiest ways to guarantee results. Try ... Read more

What to Expect During Your Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is an excellent option for almost any healthy adult who has been struggling with loose abdominal skin. That cosmetic issue typically occurs when an individual loses quite a bit of weight, and it can be an incredibly frustrating problem to deal with. Even if your skin partially shrinks over the years, you might still be left with unsightly bulges and folds. Luckily, all of those issues can easily be taken care of with the tummy tuck procedure. That popular cosmetic operation is now being carried out hundreds of thousands of times a year, and it has helped ... Read more

Nutrition Tips for Fitness Enthusiasts Who Want to Build Muscle

Staying healthy has taken on a renewed sense of importance for most people in the past few months. Getting your daily dose of exercise is much easier if you make a habit of going to the gym. Whether you lift free weights or participate in strength sports, staying fit is important. If you have reached your goal weight, your next mission needs to be getting shredded. Very few people realize just how difficult building muscle can be. Not only will you need a great workout regimen to sculpt new muscles, you will also have to put the right foods into your ... Read more

Should Cannabis be Banned for Athletes?

Cannabis is a topic of endless debate, and more so in recent years than ever before. The negative connotations associated with it are plentiful, but not necessarily factual. It has come to light more and more that cannabis is a natural herb, and that perhaps its legal status should be examined more realistically. Today, many countries around the globe – which previously held cannabis at an arm’s length, due to its reputation – are taking a more serious look at this herb: its effects, its dangers and the implications of making it legal. One arena in which this topic is ... Read more

10 Fun Non-Traditional Ways to Work Out

While some people thrive when it comes to exercising, others aren’t so fond of the physical activity. It’s hard, takes time, and not everyone enjoys working out at the gym in front of others. However, regardless of our opinions, it’s still essential for our health, so we should all try our best to get at least 30 minutes of moderate activity a day. While you can choose to follow strict routines and schedules, you should also remember there are other ways to get your blood pumping. If you’re not a fan of regular workouts, then keep on reading! We are ... Read more

How Business Owners Can Make Time for Fitness

Wellbeing is a hot topic at the moment, especially with the additional anxiety that has added to everyday life’s stresses thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is told that they should prioritise self-care and wellbeing, however, it’s not always very practical advice – especially if you are a busy business owner. Vague advice is often confusing, specific tips & guidance are required in this overwhelming world of information regarding fitness. Full of contradictions and paradoxes, making time to filter through the data & advice can be challenging enough, never mind implementing what you find! With this in mind, we look ... Read more