What Are the Mental Skills that Can Help You Reach Peak Performance?

In any sport, positive mental health is as important as physical skills. In fact, it is often the differentiating factor between two athletes of the same caliber. That’s why it is important to practice mental skills, to improve in the sports you practice. Not only will you get better at it, but it will also reflect in your life skills at school, work and in your relationships.

Scientifically Proven

Studies on tennis have shown that 85% of the performance is due to the player’s mental capacity and the way they handle their emotion. A big part of that comes in controlling the way the athlete breathes. In high-stress situation, such as a professional tennis match, the breathing will tend to rise, especially since they are running all over the court. Gaining back control rapidly of the air coming in and out of their lungs, can be decisive. That’s why professionals often call upon specialists. To get more info on how to breathe under stress, visit: https://www.intermittent-breathing.com/.

Here are a few other mental strengths you should develop:


Although games are played inside stadiums, arenas and other particular venues, they are often decided outside them. The multitude of emotions we are faced with every day, in our lives can, but should not, affect the way we play, when we are in game mode. That is why it is important to learn how to deal with adversity.


No matter which sport you are practising, it implies particular gestures that you need to master. Whether it is how to hit the ball with a racquet or using your foot, you need to repeat that movement until you are in complete control of it. First, you do it in practice, then without the ball or any instrument, and finally, you should visualize it, when in bed before sleeping, until it enters your mind entirely.


Some people would like to conquer the world in a few weeks, while others believe they’ll get there at a normal pace. These are two attitudes that won’t lead to victory. By setting goals that are unreachable, you will only get discouraged and you will drop out of the race, rapidly. At the opposite, if you believe you’ll get to the top by going about your normal life, you are also wrong. Those who want to achieve higher goals put a lot more energy into everything they do.

Sport is not only about the body; it’s also a mind game. Keep that in mind if you really want to win.