4 Approved Medical Uses of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is a life essential. HBOT, or hyperbaric oxygen therapy, is a form of non-surgical treatment that attempts to deliver oxygen to a body at high atmospheric pressure. This oxygen therapy is an approved treatment for a variety of medical conditions. For instance;

1. Air or Gas Embolism

Embolism is when air bubbles have been caused in the bloodstream, which can further block the arteries. Although it is a rare medical condition, it is potentially fatal. And when embolism has resulted in severe complications, it can damage the heart, lungs, and brain.

Therefore, early treatments for these air bubbles are recommended. According to clinical research, a patient who was suffering from air embolism after the open heart surgery got fully recovered after 6 to 7 sessions of HBOT. Similarly, another patient who was suffering from brain (ischemic) stroke symptoms got instantly healthier after the HBOT.

2. Anemia

Anemia is a dangerous medical condition, which is caused due to severe blood loss or lack of healthy blood cells. Patients who are suffering from anemia feel helpless, weak, and tired. Anemia can be prolonged (range from mild to severe) if not treated on time. It includes diseases like thalassemia and iron-deficiency.

However, with early applications of HBOT, patients with anemia can be recovered in no time. Hyperbaric therapy is best for patients who cannot accept blood transfusion due to blood unavailability or immunologic issues. According to a clinical study, patients with hemorrhage recovered after 10 sessions of HBOT.

3. Radiation Injury

A successful recovery from radiotherapy is not an easy task for every patient. It is because everyday use of radiation therapy to fight cancer cells can injure normal tissues, especially around the tumors. Radiation injury is mainly a consequence of cancer treatment.

HBOT has proved to be beneficial for patients who were experiencing radiation injuries in the rectum, neck, and head. Moreover, 57 women with breast cancers got fully recovered after 47 sessions of therapy. HBOT attempted to reduce tissue toxicity and sensitivity of the affected areas. Similarly, 12 patients with radiation cystitis were also successful in reducing symptoms up to 67%. Understandably, supplementing HBOT for radiation-induced damages can be quite responsive.

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4. Skin Ulcers

Over recent times, approximately 35 patients who were suffering from resistant skin ulcers or vasculitis got recovered after the 4-week course of HBOT. 80% to 90% recovery was noticed among those patients.

Another patient got recovered entirely after a one month course of HBOT. He was suffering from extreme treatment-resistant skin ulcers.

As per clinical research, 146 patients were recovered with hyperbaric therapy. They were suffering from chronic diabetic foot ulcers. 2 patients who were experiencing acute kidney disease also got healed after extensive 20 sessions of HBOT.

When it comes to the diabetic rat model, HBOT is well-recognized to ramp up blood flow, reduce chronic inflammation, and improve wounds.