4 Reasons Why Figure Skating is One of the Best Workouts You Can Get

When people think of fitness, they usually think of hitting the gym or the track. However, one of the best ways to reach your fitness objectives is to find at least one physical activity you actually like doing and make it a habit. Something like ice skating, figure skating, in particular, is a perfect example.

Ice skating burns an impressive number of calories, but you’ll hardly notice it because of all the fun you’ll be having. Progressing as a figure skater can also be extremely satisfying. Let’s take a look at why figure skating is one of the best activities for staying fit and healthy.

It Will Turn Your Body Into a Fat-Burning Machine

While ice skating on its own demands a lot of energy, some of the greatest benefits come after you leave the ice. For one, ice skating does a lot to sculpt your body, especially your hamstrings, calves, quads, and glutes. More muscle mass means more calories consumed for basic maintenance. Then you have the fact that figure skating is a form of interval training, which has been shown to boost metabolism. That means that you could be burning calories from your workout hours after your session.

Minimal Equipment

Another great thing about ice skating is that it surprisingly doesn’t need much by way of equipment. The most important thing here is your skates. However, that doesn’t mean that you can cut corners and get away with a sub-par boot. You have to invest in high-quality skates, not only for performance but comfort and safety.

The best figure skates for women will hug your feet perfectly without hurting and will give you the support that you need without being too rigid. So many skaters gave up figure skating just because they couldn’t take the pain or got injured early because of bad skates, so this isn’t something you should take lightly.

Stress Management

Figure skating is a great way to disconnect and get away. You can decide to work with a partner, a trainer, or solo. There’s nothing like hitting the ice alone in the morning and practicing. Being able to master new tricks will also boost your confidence and keep you going. Not to mention all those feel-good endorphins that are being released in your body.

Improves Your Cardio

I don’t know anybody who genuinely enjoys doing cardio work. But with ice skating, you could get a full cardio workout without spending hours on the treadmill. You’ll feel the benefits as well. What’s also great about ice skating as a cardio exercise is that it has a lower impact on the joints than running on a hard surface.

These are just some of the reasons why figure skating is such a great workout. So, if that’s something you would see yourself doing, don’t be afraid to do your research and always make sure that you invest in top of the line equipment when getting started.