5 benefits of muscle recovery equipment

Muscle recovery equipment provides so many benefits. Not only are the benefits solely to do with the way you feel and how muscle recovery can enhance your workouts, but muscle recovery equipment can actually help people both physically and mentally. You might have seen gym enthusiasts rolling around on that hot, new fitness trend – a foam roller and in this article we’re here to explain 5 benefits of muscle recovery equipment, including how it is not just for those big muscled people in the gym. In-fact, muscle recovery equipment is beneficial for a whole host of people, and it doesn’t just have to be those people who are always lifting weights!

What is muscle recovery equipment?

First of all, we’re best off explaining what muscle recovery equipment really is. Muscle recovery equipment are tools that can typically be used post-workout to improve blood circulation, reduce muscle tension and accelerate muscle recovery.

Now that we’ve mentioned it, you might be casting your mind back and thinking “Yes! I’ve seen those avid-gym goers rolling around on something in the gym!” Foam rollers are a great example of muscle recovery equipment! They work by relaxing any tension and breaking down knots, tight spots and muscle groups you have pushed. They are typically used by people post-workout, to help them recover, ready for their next workout.

We’re here to explain why muscle recovery equipment is not just for the people who live and breathe the gym, but how they can benefit you in a number of ways.

The following are our top picks and benefits that muscle recovery has to offer. Aside from all of those fitness related benefits, muscle recovery equipment and tools for example foam rollers provide a whole host of benefits:

Eases muscle soreness and aids recovery
Flexibility improvement
Improves range of motion
Positively benefits mental health
Prevents from future injury

1. Eases muscle soreness and aids recovery

Post workout and many days after, your muscles might be a little achy and you will be requiring regular stretches to feel that little bit looser. DOMS, also known as delayed on-set muscle soreness, can put you out of working out for days, choosing muscle recovery equipment for example a foam roller, will help ease any muscle soreness you might experience post workout, and get you back on your fitness regime as soon as possible.

Not only will you feel better after using a foam roller, but foam rolling and muscle recovery equipment can help boost your circulation and repair any damaged tissue. Not only are people using muscle recovery equipment post workout, but people who suffer from general aches and pains on a daily basis are also embracing this new trend. Helping reduce tightness and aid in your bodies recovery, many retailers for example Pulseroll, are selling muscle recovery equipment to a whole host of people.

2. Flexibility improvement

Being flexible provides you with so many benefits. If muscles are tight, you won’t be able to perform your deadlifts or squats to the best of your ability. Using a foam roller will help increase blood flow to your muscles and help them recover quicker and improve your flexibility.

Ultimately, improved flexibility will help you perform better in your day-to-day tasks and at the gym. Flexibility will also improve your posture and you’ll soon be able to get low into those squats and see those glute gains! Using a foam roller of other muscle recovery equipment, will enable you to perform exercises and lift weights to the best of your ability and result in maximum gains.

3. Improves range of motion

Poor range of motion (ROM), for example an inability/difficulty to move arms or legs past a certain extent, make everyday tasks like sitting and lifting your arms or legs difficult. You might experience particularly poor ROM, after a gruelling workout, therefore easing this soreness will allow you to continue with your life much more easier. Using a foam roller on those days that you are particularly struggling to move your joints will make you much more comfier and stop you complaining all the time too!

Choosing a vibrating foam roller that uses vibration technology can be particularly effective for improving circulation, blood flow and increasing range of motion, making recovery that little bit more simpler.

4. Positively benefits mental health

Mental health is such a pertinent subject, especially as we have all undergone lockdown for numerous months on end. Many of us go to the salon or spa to receive a massage, which also helps positively towards your mental health and helps you relax, however muscle recovery equipment can provide similar health and wellbeing benefits to a massage.

Helping to relax the body, foam rolling and muscle recovery equipment can leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. If you have had a particularly bad day, foam rolling and getting that blood pumping will provide you with enormous wellbeing benefits and also has been proven to aid sleep!

5. Prevents from future injury

Overworking your body and working out too quickly after your last workout can actually make your fitness regime poorer. The benefits of muscle recovery equipment go hand in hand, by getting that blood pumping and increasing your ROM will mean you’re less likely to strain muscles that could lead to potential injury, setting you back for months on end.