How to do training for strength, flexibility and balance at home?

There are many people who either don’t have gym facilities nearby or it is difficult for them to spare time for gym from their busy schedule. Similarly there are some people also who have to travel a lot for their business works and can’t be committed for a gym. If you are among those people then you will be happy to know that you can very well do exercises at home to achieve the fitness goals. One needs to just take out one hour dedicatedly for workout. We have highlighted below how one can do training at home for strength, flexibility and balance.

Strength training

For doing strength training at home you don’t need much equipment. With your own body weight and simple equipment like resistance bands, one can do exercises for almost all the body parts. It will require only thirty minutes to do exercise for full body. Exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, rowing and planks cover all the major muscle groups. Once you start doing exercises regularly, it will soon become the part of your lifestyle and you will enjoy the feeling of being active.

One can also do intermediate and advance exercises with the body weight. So at one end there is option of doing basic exercises like free squat, push-up & pull-ups and on the other hand to increase difficulty level one can perform single hand pull-ups, single hand push-ups and single leg squats which are advance unilateral exercises. One can also do explosive power training exercises like box jump, clap push-ups, band pulls etc. These exercises train almost all the major muscle group viz. chest with triceps, back with biceps and legs muscles.

Flexibility training

Flexibility is very important to grow the muscle and prevent it from injury. Due to inactivity or intense training over longer period of time, muscle length get short and lose the flexibility. One can improve or restore the flexibility by engaging in stretching exercises for all muscle groups involved in workouts. There are number of ways to stretch a muscle and you can pick any of the exercise as per your convenience. Some of the effective and simple stretching exercises for full body are bent arm wall stretch for chest, latissimus dorsi stretch, cross body shoulder stretch, cow face pose stretch, standing hamstring stretch, standing quadriceps stretch and wall calf stretch.

Balance training

Balance training is one of the important components of a workout and is often neglected. It improves mind body connection and builds control on the body. Be it a sport or activities of daily living it increases overall performance and self confidence in moving body. In case of accidental fall one is being able to control the body swiftly and minimize the risk of injury. TRX suspension training is one of the important types of resistance training which improves the balance and is safe. It can be done at home easily and just require TRX band which is portable. Some of the exercises which cover all the major muscle groups are TRX push-ups, TRX rows and TRX single leg squats etc.


Keeping our body engaged in physical exercises is very important for all the adults to remain fit. If you don’t have access to any gym facility then also you can train the body completely. There are multiple body weight exercises as mentioned above from which one can choose according to his or her fitness level. You are a beginner, intermediate or advance, workout can be managed very well at home to stay active. You can also take the support of an online fitness coach for getting customized workout plans. So don’t stop and keep moving your body to stay active!

Written by:

Manish Yadav

ACE CPT & Fitness Nutrition Specialist

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