5 Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Water Sports

A man surfing in the sea

Keeping yourself healthy, both physically and mentally, is very important. There are numerous ways you can improve this and perhaps the main one is remaining active. What better way of getting physical than in the water? Not only is this brilliant for the body, but it can also improve mental health. In this blog, we take a look at physical and psychological health benefits of water sports and explain why you should look at taking part.

  1. Boosts Your Mood

Exercise is well-known for lightening your mood as it releases endorphins. When you pair this with the sea, it can further improve your temperament because the calm and soothing waters spread positivity. The water can make you feel light, and your muscles can relax; this level of tranquillity can be great for your mental health. Furthermore, being active in the water, from surfing to paddle boarding, can be used as an escape from day to day life. Additionally, focusing on a sport can give you something else to concentrate on; therefore, you can fully immerse yourself in the experience and develop a new skill.

A person swimming in open water

  1. Beneficial For Your Joints

Specific forms of exercising can cause discomfort on your joint, for example, running on a treadmill. In the sea, this is not the case, because the water can take your weight and loosen your muscles. The weightlessness you feel and calming nature of the sea can soothe your joints and have a positive impact on your entire body. If someone has painful joints or is in rehab after an injury, the primary recovery method is often swimming. Known as hydrotherapy, it can be very beneficial for facilitating sore and painful joints.

  1. Decreases the Chance of Chronic Diseases

Remaining energetic can help prevent the chances of chronic diseases. As water sports allow you to burn calories from every part of your body in the most natural way, without being too strenuous and tough on the body. Getting active in the water can increase your metabolism, which, in turn, increases the intake of fluids and food. It can steer people away from binge eating, and instead, keep a steady and balanced diet. In addition to this, if you have diabetes or heart disease, lifestyle changes are essential, and water sports are a great addition. It doesn’t need to be high intensity; just some light exercise in the water is a brilliant way of lowering stress levels and keep you relaxed.

People canoeing on a river

  1. Improves Physical Strength

Taking part in water sports can improve your overall physical strength, whether it is swimming, rowing, surfing, or anything else. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercises are required when getting active in water; this is why it is so beneficial for your body. Many medical researchers have advised performing water sports on a regular basis as it can help you remain healthy and not get overweight.

  1. Encourages Teamwork

Most water sports involve teams, for example, rowing, and this can be a great help in improving both teamwork and confidence. Furthermore, they are often a brilliant way of socialising and meeting new people. Friendships can be made through water sports because they are often group classes. Through this, you can gain confidence and also, respect for others as you will likely have to work in groups and help one another out in some aspect.

Someone paddle boarding on the sea at sunset

While getting outdoor in the water is brilliant for both physical and mental health, it can get chilly out there. Swimming in cold water is highly beneficial for the body as it can build self-esteem, reduce stress and help your skin. However, once you are out of the water and are no longer active, it is essential to recover and bring your temperature back up. Perhaps the best way to do this is by wearing a dryrobe; this is a change robe that has a warm lining on the inside and is used by many athletes around the world.

We hope that we have encouraged you to get out into the water and start to improve both your physical and mental health. No matter what water sport you choose, no matter what intensity or frequency you do, it is an excellent idea to try it and reap in the benefits.