5 ways kratom can help in weight loss

While Kratom is widely used for pain relief, combating anxiety and depression, or treating opiate withdrawal, some people are now successfully using Kratom for weight loss. This must be because some Kratom users observed they start losing weight after consuming kratom. However, no matter how real these weightloss observations are, they are not backed by any scientific or clinical research. Kratom is a great energy booster, it suppresses appetite and it helps you cope with cravings better, so logically, it should reduce weight as all these aforementioned factors help reduce weight. The potency of Kratom is dependent on its purity, therefore it is highly recommended that you buy Kratom from trusted and reputable suppliers like Kratom crazy.

Ways Kratom can help in weight loss

  1. Energy Boosting

More energy means more work, more work means more sweating, more sweating means loss of fat, and loss of fat means weight loss, simple! Weight has been linked to fatigue, even though researchers are yet to prove the relationship. It is a general belief that energy is required to work off extra weight and to keep a healthy weight.

Kratom is an excellent energy booster and stimulant, no doubt. It influences the metabolic process and promotes the circulation of blood and improves the oxidation levels in the blood, causing the body to feel more energetic. This energizing effect of Kratom encourages more exercise and makeyou feel less tired when working out. The key here is that exercising more and engaging in more intense physical activity is key to lose weight, and Kratom helps you with that.

  1. Appetite Suppressant

Quite similar to the energy effect, less food means less weight gain. Kratom helps to reduce the caloric intake by acting as an appetite suppressant. The appetite suppression power of Kratom is fairly noticeable after a fewuses.

Kratom, unlike some diet pills, doesn’t sour your stomach or cause negative side effects, it simply annihilates the hunger spirit in you, making it easier for you to decide to devour less food. Think of it, Kratom is good pain relief! This means you feel less hunger pain when you actually get hungry (care should be taken not to starve yourself, remember, healthy weight is the goal, not a thin, skinny appearance). Since Kratom is natural, it has fewer side effects compared to most inorganic appetite suppressants out there.

Note: Impure or mixed Kratom can cause unintended effects in the body. Care should be taken when using kratom because even the smallest additive can produce a different result. Ensure you purchase from trusted and reliable suppliers like thegoldenmonk.

  1. Anti-anxiety

Anxiety or stress increases the cravings for sugar and fat, which are big contributors to weight gain. The body produces endorphins and serotonin hormones that trigger positive feelings in the body. Kratom is a trigger for these hormones, which makes you feel less anxious and more relaxed. They unplug the triggers that lead to anxious thoughts and help you overcome the craving for a weight-promoting meal or snack.

Also, Kratom has shown promises as a natural treatment for high blood pressure. Reduced blood pressure can keep the muscles well-relaxed, thereby relieving built-up stresses and anxiousness.

  1. Reduction in cravings

Kratom users have observed a significant drop in their cravings for fast food, sweets such as pastries or candy, and refined carbohydrates, they simply don’t feel like consuming the same fat, carb, or sugar-laden foods they were once addicted to.

Evidence from both clinical and preclinical studies demonstrated a relationship between sugar craving and opiate receptors. Opiate receptors are responsible for triggering cravings. Since kratom interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system and opiates receptors, it is able to manipulate the process at these locations to reduce the intensity of cravings and even eliminate them altogether. Kratom is able to do this magic because the alkaloids in Kratom can trigger the brain’s reward pathways, essentially substituting it for the reward zones pleasured by these unhealthy foods.

  1. The sense of well-being

Above all, another benefit of Kratom is that it stimulates feelings of euphoria, optimism, and inspiration. Kratom promotes a sense of overall wellbeing, which makes the body relaxed and less tensed. It helps users maintain a more positive mindset and ultimately promote healthier characteristics and lifestyle.

Therefore, the users of Kratom report being stress-free, less depressed, and have more energy – which all reduces the extra pounds in the body. Kratom helps you feel more motivated to get moving and get things done.


As stated earlier, the weight-loss powers of Kratom are not research-based, so there no standard dosage or prescription to get a certain result. Kratom has the potential to be addictive, so users should be careful not to become obsessed with the drug. It is also advisable to start Kratom with a low dose to avoid unpleasant side effects. Above all, Kratom should be purchased from certified sellers to avoid ending up with substandard products that may contain additives, as even the smallest additive can render kratom unhealthy and exposing users to serious side effects.