7 Ideal Fitness Tips for Ladies Who are in Their Thirties

You might have reached the age of 30 but this definitely does not mean that the metabolism has come to a halt and the hope of maintaining your body is lost completely. Irrespective of how busy you are, you can definitely consider putting in a particular fitness plan into your routine. Apart from making sure that you are maintaining body shape, you need to exercise in order to stay fit and healthy and stay away from unwanted diseases. If you establish a proper routine during your thirties, you are actually going to build a habit for your 40s as well.

Before anything else, you need to make sure that you are not making the mistakes that have been listed below.

Ignoring your muscles

Even when you are active constantly, you have to understand that humans start losing their muscle mass when they reach the age of 30. Women lose their muscle mass more than men. For instance, if you are someone who loves sticking to the bed, you are going to lose 5% of the muscle mass every 10 years. You need to maintain your muscles for more than a single reason. Maintaining the muscles help you to look young, helps in taking care of your metabolism, maintains the stability of the body, and also allows you to remain independent.

Forgetting metabolism

It is true that for women, the metabolism starts slowing down while you are in your 30s. This slow down is not huge and is not going to cause the onset of fat. This is why you need to make sure that you are eating a perfect diet so that your metabolism remains perfect and you also need to concentrate on doing strength training. Forgetting metabolism is going to make you fall sick eventually.

Thinking that you are a teenager

You need to get over the fact that you have lost your teenage days. If you still have several instances of breakouts, adult acne, as well as hormonal fluctuations, which are constantly reminding you of puberty, you need to know that there is something wrong. When you are having acne while you are in your thirties, you need to know that it can be a result of the diet, using harsh chemicals, and oily skin. If you are interested in getting healthy, you have to consider de-stressing and also clean your diet. Make sure that you are dropping anything that is unhealthy and also start exercising.

Avoiding your doctor

When you are in your 30s, several silent killers start showing their ugly sides. For example, high cholesterol and blood pressure start showing up when you reach the age of 30. If you are avoiding your doctor, it is important to schedule your appointment. When you understand the level of triglycerides and cholesterol, it will help in deciding the lifestyle change that you should be making.

Weight loss and diet

Losing your weight and thinking of becoming healthy while you are in your 30s means that you have to concentrate on doing several important responsibilities. The fact, that you are in your 30s means that you are concentrating on building your career, your home, or even both. These challenges are based on the time that you have for yourself. The first thing that you have to do is clean your diet. This will help you to understand the foods that you should consume and the ones that you should not. Make all the necessary changes for overcoming your food hurdles. For example, if you keep buying fast food for lunch, it is important to start cooking to make sure that you are working on your health. According to https://www.msn.com, folic acid is also extremely necessary for maintaining good health.

Managing stress

Most ladies prefer eating when they are stressed. Stress can arise at any point in time but it is important to understand that if you are doing something that is not good for your body, you are actually harming yourself. When you are stress eating, you will be consuming a lot of carbs and you are going to overload the body with insulin and sugar, and this is something that can be dangerous for your health as you are no longer a teenager. There are several other ways of managing stress, exercising being an important way. Walking or doing other forms of cardio exercises can help in getting rid of stress. It is also a great idea to meditate every morning as meditation can help in calming the mind. This will keep you to stay away from stressful eating at all times. You can also consider doing yoga regularly.

Ideal exercise tips for women

You have to understand that it is important for you to exercise once you have reached 30. According to the American heart association, adults require 150 minutes of exercise weekly. This means that you should indulge in 20 minutes of sweat-inducing and vigorous exercise for three days every week. Make sure that you are starting slowly and building up with each passing day. Start with low impact exercises like rowing machine, Pilates, swimming, elliptical, and yoga. Apart from this, you also need to concentrate on several weight-bearing exercises. Ensure that you are engaging in weight training as that helps in building your core and helps in remaining healthy. Given below is a list of the best exercises for women who are above 30.

  • Push-ups: Try to do at least 50 pushups every day.
  • Planks: 50 planks a day is going to be enough.
  • Side plank: This can help in making your shoulders firm.
  • Assisted pull-ups: This is ideal for building the strength of your upper body.
  • Goblet squats: This is ideal for maintaining your fitness and also helps in building your muscles.
  • Push press: This will help you to work out your entire body, thereby taking care of fitness.

Ensure that you are engaging in all these activities so that you can remain fit and healthy even when you are in your 30s. You need to wear the right inners always while exercising. Go through babeappeal.com to know more about this.


It is your responsibility to make sure that you are maintaining your health after you become 30. Go through all the fitness tips that have been mentioned above so that you can take the perfect and necessary care of your health.