7 Instagram Influencers to Follow in the Fitness Niche

Your fitness journey is all about you. Whether you are just getting started or are on your millionth push up, you are championing yourself with every stretch, lift and run you do. You have goals to reach, and nothing is going to stop you from getting there.

Physical fitness takes determination and patience, however, and everything you can do to contribute to your inspiration helps.

Some people make calendars with their diet and exercise schedule. Others make vision boards. These are excellent ways to help you get to your goals, but sometimes you just need to connect with someone who keeps you motivated through sharing their own personal journey.

Fill your Instagram feed with fitness influencers who are working with ViralRace to get thousands of real followers who love their content. With them, they share fitness expertise, personal stories, and some really great products that will help you on your path to fitness. Whether you are going for a ripped bod or general wellness, get your feed full of inspiration and you will remember your goals every time you open your IG app.

1. Michelle Lewin

Fitness model and bodybuilder Michelle Lewin has been deemed the “Latin queen of the fitness scene”, and her more than 13 million followers on Instagram would agree. She is known for her aesthetic pics on Instagram and is a trainer on the Fitplan app. Keeping up to date on her smoking hot Instagram app will surely help you stay motivated to reach your goals, with her short instructional videos and fun posts that give you a reason to laugh on even the most grueling leg day.

2. Ulisses

Two-time MuscleMania Pro World Champion and two-time MuscleMania SuperBody Champion, Ulisses is a fitness trainer that shares his experiential knowledge to help you get as ripped as you can be. He posts videos with his favorite products, offers personalized training programs, cheers his followers by sharing their transformations, and he even gives advice on ways to get fit with the items you have at home. Follow Ulisses to get a daily dose of inspiration with a healthy helping of fun, too.

3. Jordan Syatt

Even though he is an author and 5x World Record Powerlifter, Jordan Syatt is keeping it real with his Instagram account. His humor and positivity are infectious, and he never forgets that fitness is hard work. His account is full of Harry Potter references; he responds to all of his follower’s comments and questions and refers to himself as a fitness wizard. His hilarious short fitness videos often link out to his more thorough YouTube channel where you can get even more of his entertaining fitness and workout advice in one place.

4. Jen Setler

Jen Setler knows firsthand how overwhelming it can be to get into the fitness game. She was working at the front desk of a gym when she decided it was time to work on her own body. Feeling overwhelmed, she started posting on Instagram for support in her journey. She claims credit for making the fitness influencer mainstream on Instagram and has been featured in Vanity Fair and Cosmo for her focus on health and body positivity. Her videos and posts focus on food as well as exercise, and she has no problem continuing to be her candid self on the internet despite her Instagram fame.

5. Alexa Jean Brown

Alexa Jean Brown doesn’t let being a mom with a busy lifestyle stop her from sharing her fitness journey with the world. As a matter of fact, she incorporates her family into her Instagram experience with total honesty and humor. She shared her fitness challenges through her pregnancy and used her dedication to build an app geared toward creating a community of women to support each other as they work their way toward better health and happiness, wherever they are starting from.

6. Rich Tidmarsh

Founder of Reach Fitness, Rich Tidmarsh is an author and Rugby enthusiast, and his videos emphasize incorporating a range of motion and yoga moves. His realistic attitude about fitness is grounded in his approach of using your mind to help you achieve your physical goals. Tidmarsh has authored a book in conjunction with Men’s Fitness Magazine and has been featured in several publications for his expertise in all things fitness.

7. Tally Rye

Tally Rye is an inspiration for everyone who wants to get healthy. She is unconcerned with the aesthetics of fitness. Instead, she promotes intuitive exercise and eating. Her positive posts fight the perception that being fit is about being ripped or pushing every muscle all the time, and she is open about how that perception led to her developing an eating disorder before she found a better way.

Her program, Train Happy, brings together people who are looking to improve their overall health naturally and sustainably, and her Instagram account is full of loving and fun inspiration for everyone no matter where in their process they are.