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From Beyonce to Madonna, find out which diet and fitness regimes keeps Hollywood’s hottest stars in shape.

7 Instagram Influencers to Follow in the Fitness Niche

Your fitness journey is all about you. Whether you are just getting started or are on your millionth push up, you are championing yourself with every stretch, lift and run you do. You have goals to reach, and nothing is going to stop you from getting there. Physical fitness takes determination and patience, however, and everything you can do to contribute to your inspiration helps. Some people make calendars with their diet and exercise schedule. Others make vision boards. These are excellent ways to help you get to your goals, but sometimes you just need to connect with someone who ... Read more

Top 10 most fitness motivation Instagram accounts

As a cold season comes, we tend to substitute protein and healthy bars for ginger cookies and cocoa, ditch gym, and lay under a fluffy blanket. It’s easy to hide your imperfections under the oversize sweaters and hoodies. Christmas holidays and grey landscape outside our windows leave us with a feeling of total slackness and develop cravings for desserts. People summarize their achievements in the departing year and write New Year’s resolutions. We bet that the list of your plans and tasks includes doing sports systematically and upgrading your body. It’s time to get back to the usual schedule, be ... Read more

Top 10 Celebrities with Best Beards

I’m sure you will agree with me there is no one-size-fits-all with beards. It can be medium, short or stubble no one is judging. Most celebrities have had their fair share of success in being listed in the best and worst beard list. I’m the type of person who loves a well-trimmed, styled beard. You too can achieve the below celeb looks if you want to with the right trimmer,. Some of us who are obsessed with beards you will find this list of celebrities beard pretty inspiring. 1. Ben Affleck Ben Affleck’s has had his signature beard style for ... Read more

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‘Eat Clean To Stay Fit, Have A Burger To Stay Sane’: Gigi Hadid Shares Her Diet And Exercise Secrets

Gigi Hadid has revealed the secret behind her supermodel figure. In the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar, the blond stunner take readers along for a day in her glamorous life, including her daily exercise routine and a stop at one of her favourite burger joints (as opposed to a fancy Manhattan hotspot). Signup & Get Early Bird Access To Our Personal Training App Each morning, the 21-year-old bombshell gets up at 7 am and has breakfast before heading off to a boxing workout inboxing at Gotham Gym in the West Village. According to, she starts off by jumping rope, followed with ... Read more