5 Booty-Shaping Moves That Celebrities Swear By

Hollywood’s biggest stars are as famous for their talents as they are for slipping into figure-hugging, backside-skimming gowns. But how do celebrities keep their derrières in tip-top shape?

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Having an expert trainer certainly has its advantages, but the fact is you can do the same butt-busting workouts at home, with the same results! Try these celebrity-approved glute exercises, and you’ll be red-carpet ready in no time.

1. Jessica Biel’s Butt Workout

Biel’s butt workout is a combination of hard work, eating right, and good living. To maintain her butt muscles, Biel uses simple exercises that target glutes. She uses resistance to maximize her workout. Beil’s fitness trainer, Robert Dos Remedios, includes this butt exercise in her workout routine. Remember to choose dumbbells that fit your fitness level. Do not overexert. Begin with small weights and work up to larger weights.

A Biel Butt

To firm your butt, hold a pair of eight to 15-pound dumbbells at shoulder height. Holding dumbbells at shoulder height challenges core muscles, such as glutes, more than holding dumbbells to your sides. While holding dumbbells, perform 15 repetitions of lunges or squats. Rest. Repeat two times to complete the circuit.

2. Madonna’s Butt Lifter

For years, Madonna has wowed audiences with her perfect body and skilled performances. She has had many fitness trainers over the years, but one trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, has been instrumental in keeping Madonna’s fanny looking youthful and firm.  “We warm up always,” says Winhoffer. “I change her program every week. This is important to shock the body. Without change, you can’t achieve results,” the superstar trainer reveals. “We love to work on triceps, obliques, and of course, my favorite part – the butt! One of our favorite moves is the plank on chair butt press.” Oh, and if you haven’t already seen it, take a look at Madonna’s recent butt flash at the Grammy Awards.

Madonna’s Butt Lifter

In plank position, place your left foot on a chair and the right leg bent with knee on the floor. Kick the right leg back and return the knee to the floor.

3. Angelina’s Twist

She is the epitome of stardom. Through Tomb Raider, Salt, and many more box office hits, Angelina Jolie wows the world with her panther-like charisma. Jolie combines healthy eating along with a perfect workout to stay toned and radiant. Her trainer Gunnar Peterson, has developed workouts that sculpt Jolie’s obliques and glutes for a perfect fanny.

Angelina’s Twist

Stand straight with body in alignment, arms at sides. Lunge by taking a large step backward with your right foot. Holding glutes tight, twist your upper body all the way to the right, pivoting both feet so your right foot is facing forward and your left foot is facing outward. Raise your hands overhead, hold, then return to the floor. Pivot back to beginning position. Complete 15 repetitions. Switch to opposite leg.

4. Kardashian Squats

Warning: this exercise makes your fanny bigger!. Kim Kardashian is beautiful. She has a workout that is intense and requires stamina. She is known for her ‘Butt’ and incorporates a lot of lunge variations and dumbbell squats into her workout. She is best known for her “wide squats technique.” which actually makes her butt look bigger.

Kim’s Squats

Standing tall with feet apart, keeping legs wide apart. Grab a five pound dumbbell (or dumbbell size for your fitness level). Point toes outward and keep shoulders straight. Squat while holding dumbbells and placing them between your thighs. Twelve to 15 repetitions per day is recommended for the best butt-busting results.

5. Jane Fonda Moves

One of Hollywood’s favorite ageless celebrities is Jane Fonda. In the 1980s Fonda revolutionized the workout routine with fresh and new ideas about body shaping. Today, her exercise routines are just as effective. Her favorite butt-busting move? Well, she has several great moves. At 76 years young, Fonda certainly proves that intentional butt workouts bring results, but the Glute Bridge is the mother of them all. Add ankle and wrist weights to add intensity to this exercise.

Fonda’s Glute Bridge

Begin on the floor, on your back with knees bent and feet flat. Pull in the lower abdominals, raising your pelvis off the floor until the chest, hips and knees are in alignment. Squeeze your glutes. Hold position for a count of 12. Relax. Repeat three times.

You, too, can have a celebrity-worthy tush with a little hard work and exercise. Whether you want to be like Kim Kardashian and add to your booty, or are aiming to slim and tone your derrièrec, there is a butt-busting move out there that will give you results. Remember to exercise within your fitness level and to incorporate a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. So what are you waiting for? Move that booty!