Running Playlist: Top 10 Classic Rock Songs

If you’re a runner, you probably already have a few go-to, pump-up playlists up your sleeve to help push you through to the finish line.

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Bored of the same old jogging jams? How about a brand-new playlist to get you through the New Year? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite classic running songs for your listening pleasure. They’re mostly oldies, but definitely goodies, and they’ll have you sprinting as fast as the wind!

1) Learning to Fly – Pink Floyd

“Learning To Fly” has an electrifying beat that will make you feel like soaring through the air. With its steady rhythm and rising crescendos, this is also happens to be a great song for tackling stairs or hills.

2) Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival

There’s something so gospel about John Fogerty’s voice and CCR’s lyrics about impending doom. “Bad Moon Rising” has the right guitar riffs to get those fast twitch muscles going.

3) I’m Shakin’ – Jack White

This is one of the newer songs on our list of best running ditties. With an upbeat melody that keeps you moving, this track pays tribute to the swingin’ days of the late ’50s.

4) Judas Rising – Judas Priest

You can’t have a running playlist without including at least one Judas Priest songs? The perfect mix of metal and rock opera, ‘Judas Rising’ is one of those high-energy anthems that’ll have you pounding the pavement.

5) Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top

ZZ top is what southern rock is all about. This is an incredibly fun song with killer guitar hooks that make you want to move. The infectious beat will definitely energize you on those long runs when you need a little extra spring in your step.

6) American Woman – The Guess Who

Most people are familiar with the Lenny Kravitz version of this rock classic, but we prefer the original, Guess Who version for an easy ride. This one is a particularly excellent choice for starting your run out on the right note.

7) Changes – David Bowie

Ah, Bowie — the man with the Midas touch. After years spent churning out nothing but hits, it’s hard to choose just one Bowie number for our playlist. This is an old classic that has a very special place in our hearts.

8) Come Together – The Beatles

“Come Together” has been covered by everyone from Tina Turner to Aerosmith, but no one has yet been able to capture the manic energy that Lennon’s voice brings to a Beatles’ track. You have to move when this song plays!

9) Dazed And Confused – Led Zeppelin

This is the quintessential Zeppelin song. Paige’s signature guitar solo is the stuff of legend, and his raw, emotional vocals are unparalleled. If this doesn’t get your blood going, nothing will.

10) Run To The Hills – Iron Maiden

Do as the song says and run to the hills! Iron Maiden’s beloved metal tune is just the ticket if you’re hoping for a serious adrenaline rush.

What are you waiting for? Grab your iPod, press play and hit the ground running!