Why CBD is Becoming Popular with Professional Athletes

Cannabidiol is a derivative of the Cannabis plant. The oil extract is popular as an alternative medicine because it does not contain a psychoactive substance that prevents addiction.

Active professional athletes do their fitness routine regularly. To perform better, they do their training cycles month-long or more to prepare and condition their body for a game and be the winner. As a result, their body becomes sore, achy, and eventually feel discomfort in the long run. To maintain their body’s strength, they now use Cannabidiol as a pain reliever, to improve their moods despite exhaustion after rigorous training, and help them play at their best during their fight or game. Below are reasons why CBD has become a better option for athletes:

CBD for Physical, Emotional, and Mental Wellness for Athletes

Athletes are well-disciplined when it comes to maintaining their body physically, emotionally, and mentally. After their workout or fitness training, they are mentally stressed and pressured, especially when they are conditioning their body for a game or a competition. Through research evidence, CBD can help alleviate pain, improve muscle soreness, make a recovery from injury quickly, relieve anxiety, and promote better rest and sleep for a healthy body and mind. It has become a better alternative for over the counter medicines like ibuprofen or aspirin, which is known to have side effects because of long-term use of these drugs. CBD is non-toxic, and it contains low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the substance that promotes highness from other types of the cannabis plant. Scientists also suggest it as a neuroprotectant and an effective antioxidant. These are the reasons that make CBD a legal supplement for professional athletes.

How should athletes use CBD?

There are several CBD products available in the market. It can be in the form of capsules, pills, or oils. Professional athletes recommend USDA organic CBD oil since this has no restrictions by the US government. There are a lot of ways that athletes can take the oil, either it is infused in energy drinks and edibles. While others also suggest CBD ointment and lotions for topical application and tinctures or drops placed under a person’s tongue. Organic CBD contains natural compounds found in the original plants, and it has smaller amounts of THC. Having the USDA certification also ensures the consumers that the product they bought is authentic and safe.

Popular Athletes who use CBD

Several pro athletes use CBD making it more a popular option for other sports players. Commonly used by athletes involved in contact sports, CBD is used by NFL player Ryan VandenBussche and MMA fighter Nate Diaz for fast action to help brain condition and muscle pain relief.

With all these various benefits, CBD has indeed gained attention in the field of sports. It has proven to help athletes gain their strength faster and make them perform better as it promotes wellness when it comes to dealing with body fatigue and maintains their best performance. Since it also contains cannabinoids, it protects the athletes from illnesses because of its immunity-boosting effects. More and more athletes are now using the same oil to replace NSAIDs that are known to have bad effects on the human body after long-term usage.