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Are you motivated to start running? Kick off your running debut with these tips, tricks, and strategies.

4 Hydration Mistakes You Should Avoid When Running

Everyone knows that hydration is important whenever you exercise, but this issue is actually more complex than you might think. There are a host of mistakes runners make when it comes to hydration, so here are a few of the most common ones to consider so that you know what to avoid doing wrong. Ignoring signs of dehydration Everyone’s body is different and so you need to make sure that you pay attention to what yours is telling you when you are out on a run, even if you think you have done enough to stay hydrated. Developing a headache, ... Read more

Future Shoes: How Technology is Changing Running Shoes For Athletes

It is a no brainer that shoes are getting better and smarter by the day. For the last few years, we have witnessed a series of transformations in the shoe industry that have left us wondering what else is still in store. While the shoe making firms, like Loom lightweight running shoes, have made serious strides in improving the comfort level of their footwear, one area that they have not yet tapped exhaustively is in the “smart-shoe” niche. We are in the age of innovation, where everything has a smart-tag attached to it. Unfortunately, the shoe industry has been lagging behind for ... Read more

Running Tips for Fitness

Introduction We are in a modern age where we have to work till me drop, but still, we should always keep our health our priority. In this age, we eat a lot to restore energy because much energy is consumed while we work. All the food we eat turns into fat and can also harm our health. To stay in- shape, one should do exercises and go to the gym daily, if not daily then at least once in three days. Some people think that practices are too tricky. Thus, they dispose of the idea to stay healthy. For those ... Read more

Here’s how you can lose weight by combining running with calisthenics

When you want to lose some weight, you’d probably hear the suggestion “Go for a run.” This is not an uncommon advice since running has been proven to be an age-old exercise that delivers numerous health benefits. So in order to achieve that lean runner’s physique, you lace up your running shoes and decide to swap your 6 am snooze time for a morning run around the block instead. However, you might not be the first to notice that even after running religiously every day, the scales just wouldn’t budge. While the daily runs help you to feel much better, ... Read more

8 Genius Tricks To Improve Your Running Stamina

Wondering how you can increase your endurance for running? Keep reading to know how!

5 Stretching Exercises for Runners

Stretching for runners is very important, but the type of stretching and whether it is best to do it before or after the run has been a source of debate in recent years.

This Woman Completed A Marathon Wearing 3-Inch Heels

These heels were made for... running?

Running During Pregnancy: Tips To Stay Safe

Exercising when you're pregnant? It is safe, and experts encourage it.

Running For Weight Loss Doesn’t Work. Here’s Why

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How To Treat A Running Injury

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The Best Running Stride? The One That Comes Naturally, Says Science

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Pronation For Runners: What You Need To Know

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30-Day Beginners Running Challenge

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