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Looking for a new workout challenge? Try various workout moves with all types of equipment to spice up your routine.

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Compression Clothing When Working Out

Compression wear consists of garments that fit tightly on someone’s body. They are worn to hide flabbiness and enhance mobility during exercise. Some athletes and workout buffs wear compression clothing to boost performance and promote muscle recovery by improving moisture-wicking, blood circulation, waste product removal, joint awareness, and body control. Read on for six reasons why compression wear is worth giving a try as a gym accessory: 1.     It improves running economy. Training with compression clothing is believed to increase the running economy by 9 percent. The garments improve blood circulation and cardiovascular response by enhancing muscle proprioception and coordination. ... Read more

Working Out After a Leg Injury

Leg Injuries The leg muscles enable you to achieve motion using a combination of organ systems including the bones, blood vessels, muscles, and connective tissues. A leg injury can happen after a fall, after an accident or during exercise, affecting parts of the leg such as the ankle, foot, knees or heels. Common leg injuries include strains, sprains and muscle tears, as well as bone fractures and dislocations. Some leg injuries may heal on their own, but others may require serious treatments like surgery. Exercise and other activities can improve the leg’s strength, flexibility and reduce healing time. However, consult ... Read more

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