Author: Sean Tierney

Coach Sean is new-school thinking coach that utilizes a mix of science, proven methods, advanced sports nutrition and practical experience to help all types of clients achieve their best results. With over 18 years of coaching experience, Sean has worked with a wide variety of clients from athletes to transformations and rehabilitation and now focuses his efforts on elite level contest prep coaching.

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Four Hard ‘Core’ Training Circuits For Six-Pack Abs

Your abs are a stabilizer muscle built for endurance, so it only makes sense to train them that way. In this article I’ll provide an overview of how I prefer to train the core in all types of clients, from beginners to advanced fitness competitors, by detailing the style of training, sets and reps, frequency, favorite exercises, rep cadence and highlight my personal favorite training technique — the abs circuit or giant set. Signup & Get Early Bird Access To Our Personal Training App Some of the most impressive cores I’ve helped to sculpt have been built with a circuit style of ... Read more