The Total-Body, Outdoor Bootcamp Workout

Summer is all too short for Canadians, so why not step out of your gym routine this week and take your workout outside? Just picture it now – grinding through reps of your favourite exercises as the sun beams down on you, those natural endorphins get you feeling charged up like never before, all while getting your daily dose of Vitamin D.

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The next time you feel like skipping the gym on a beautiful, sunny day, try this a total-body outdoor bootcamp workout you can do outside instead.

Take It Outside

Find an open area about 100 m long, ideally on a beach or park (or similar uneven terrain), where you can complete this circuit. Mark your 100 m track using pylons at the start and finish of the course in a straight line. Lay a towel or a beach mat beside each pylon.

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You’ll be sprinting between the pylons and doing bodyweight exercises in-between the sprints. Let’s go!

Work within your fitness level…

  • Beginner – Complete all three rounds of the workout.
  • Intermediate – Complete two rotations of all three rounds.
  • Advanced – Complete three rotations of all three rounds.
  • Athlete – Complete five rotations of all three rounds.

Warm Up:

To get your muscles warm for the workout, you’ll do 10 laps total (1000 m) of the following:

  • Lap 1  and 2: Walk
  • Lap 3: Brisk walk
  • Lap 4: High-knee march
  • Lap 5: Side step shuffle
  • Lap 6:  Walking lunges
  • Lap 7 and 8: Slow jog
  • Lap 9: Bear crawl (slow)
  • Lap 10: Sprint (90% intensity)

Round 1:

Feeling warm? Now it’s time to get to work. Wherever you see “reps,” stop at the end of the 100 m length (by your mat) and perform the number of reps suggested before continuing on to the next exercise. Try not to rest until the end!

Round 2:

  • Sprint 100 m
  • Spider-man planks x 20
  • Sprint 100 m
  • Reverse lunges x 20
  • Sprint 100 m
  • Push-ups x 10-20
  • Sprint 100 m
  • Pop squats x 20 reps
  • REST – 2 min

Round 3:

  • Sprint 100 m
  • Bodyweight woodchopper x 10 each side (20 total)
  • Sprint 100 m
  • Side-step lateral lunges x 10 each side (20 total)
  • Sprint 100 m
  • Bicycle crunches x 20
  • Sprint 100 m
  • Pike push-ups x 20
  • REST – 2 min

There you have it: A total-body, outdoor workout you can do just about anywhere. Start with getting through all three rounds once at first,  and see if you can work your way up from there.