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What are the myths and facts about health and fitness? We bust these myths here and provide the facts.

Allergy Pills Make You Feel Drowsy. Truth Or Myth? Read On To Know More

You are passing by a flower shop, and the wind blows in your direction. You feel a sneeze coming. Soon you have a runny nose, itchy eyes, uncontrollable sneezing, and even wheezing. Does this scenario sound familiar? Those who suffer from allergies can attest to the fact that despite taking appropriate measures to avoid the allergens, sometimes, things get out of hand, and you end up with an allergic reaction similar to one mentioned above. Once the allergic reaction starts, you are faced with a familiar problem. Should you take the allergy products, or should you wait out the allergy? It ... Read more

4 Hydration Mistakes You Should Avoid When Running

Everyone knows that hydration is important whenever you exercise, but this issue is actually more complex than you might think. There are a host of mistakes runners make when it comes to hydration, so here are a few of the most common ones to consider so that you know what to avoid doing wrong. Ignoring signs of dehydration Everyone’s body is different and so you need to make sure that you pay attention to what yours is telling you when you are out on a run, even if you think you have done enough to stay hydrated. Developing a headache, ... Read more

Could Having A Fitness Trainer Help Keep Your Joints Healthy?

Healthy joints couldn’t be more important if we want to stay active as we age. Healthy joints allow us to turn, twist, jump, run and move. The joints are connected with muscles and ligaments to give us stability, with a smooth layer of white tissue known as articular cartilage at the end of the bone to distribute the forces of compression and enable smooth gliding as we move. The Importance Of Good Joint Health When you keep your joints in good condition, wear and tear are reduced on the cartilage. This is a major factor when we want to continue ... Read more

The 4 Biggest Fitness Myths That You Shouldn’t Fall For

As human beings, we sometimes have a tendency to believe certain arguments without checking the credibility, sense and rationality of such ideas. It’s no surprise then that we can easily be fooled into believing certain myths founded on a whole lot of subjectivity and not much else. That’s why we’re here today to break down and debunk some of the biggest myths and misconceptions when it comes to exercise and training in order to help you on your fitness journey. Myth #1 – You Need Cardio To Lose Weight “Cardio is actually one of the least effective methods for losing ... Read more

7 Common Myths About Exercising

According to a study, 80 percent of Americans do not get the recommended exercise, i.e. either they do not exercise at all or they focus on limited aspects of exercise only. What’s more, false exercise related notions, or myths can quickly spread. Exercising misconceptions obstruct your progress rather than help you achieve your goals. Here are 7 common myths about exercising, debunked: 1. More Cardio Means More Weight Loss Enter any gym and most of the overweight women and men will be on the cardio floor. Unfortunately, spending hours on the treadmill isn’t a magic ticket for melting fat. The ... Read more

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7 Cardio Myths You Need To Stop Believing

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Science Challenges The Idea That Men With Muscles Need More Protein

Prepare to have your mind blown, muscle men (and women). Signup & Get Early Bird Access To Our Personal Training App A new study from the University of Stirling has debunked two common beliefs about big muscles and protein. First, that people with more muscle mass need more protein than their less-muscles counterparts (they don’t). And second, that you only need 25 g of protein after a full-body workout to grow muscle (you need nearly double that.) Whoa. MYTH 1: Bigger athletes need more protein For the study, young, resistance-trained men were divided into two groups: One with lower lean body mass (less ... Read more

Top 10 Workout Mistakes Women Make At The Gym

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