8 Genius Tricks To Improve Your Running Stamina

Do you tire too soon when you are out for a run? It may be exhausting to keep running, but it is also quite annoying to stop when you are in the middle of a serious run. Whether you have just started running or been running for years, you could use some tips to improve your running stamina so that you can run farther and better. When your stamina is naturally boosted, you can even go running for miles with all that lung capacity and muscle strength. Wondering how you can increase your endurance for running? Keep reading to know how!

1. Start With A Warm-Up

Running or jogging is an exercise, and just like any other exercise requires a warm-up, so does running. Take about 10 minutes or so to do some neck rotations, arm and shoulder stretches, waist rotations, spot jogging, and side lunges. Don’t run with all your force at the beginning. Start slow, and gradually pick up speed. This will give your body enough time to adapt to the run, and your performance will improve.

2. Drink Enough Water

You cannot expect to have an excellent long run if you stay dehydrated. Running makes you sweat, causing water to drain out of your body. Drinking water before you start your run can stop you from slowing down. If you compromise on the amount of water you drink while running or exercising, it exhausts the other systems in the body and tires you out. An adequate amount of fluid intake ensures that you don’t stop because of dehydration. Drink enough water throughout the day before the run and during the run as well. Keep a bottle of water always handy in case you need it during breaks.

3. Do Interval Training

One effective way to increase your stamina is by doing interval training. Nobody can run continuously for very long distances – it will eventually wear them out. Start by running hard for 30 seconds and follow it up with a slow walk or jog for 3 minutes. Repeat this five times. You can increase the reps and distance once your stamina builds up. Interval training keeps you more focused and increases your lung capacity as the distance increases.

4. Run With Company

Apart from physical exhaustion, even mental fatigue can get in your way. Plugging into the radio or music may help, but what works better is running with a friend. It keeps you both motivated and pushes you more to do your best. Research shows that you can tolerate more discomfort when you are in the presence of someone else. That’s why it is always better to run with your partner or a friend – with a goal of getting fit together. It can uplift your mood and boost your stamina. So, the next time you plan on going for a run, ask a friend to tag along.

5. Watch Your Technique

Like any other exercise, running requires proper posture and proper breathing technique. On the run, the ideal posture should involve looking straight up ahead, keeping the chest up, shoulders rolled back, fists clenched, and thumbs inside, easing the arms, and loosening the neck. This proper posture will help you run better and farther. Along with the right posture, you also need to focus on your breathing and match your run with it. Inhale and exhale with every step and maintain this breathing to run more steadily and for a longer distance.

6. Wear The Right Gear

Your technique may be perfect, but if your gear doesn’t live up to it, it is of no use. Your gear includes the right shoes and the right clothing. This is very important if you want to take your run seriously. Running shoes and sports clothing are specially engineered to offer comfort and safety to the wearer while performing any physical activity. Running in the right shoes is critical if you want to run for a long distance without straining or even hurting your legs. You can always consult an expert to get the right pair of running shoes and keep your foot alignment intact.

7. Set Your Goals Appropriately

You might have just started running, but are you already aiming too high? While it’s good to challenge yourself, you shouldn’t set a huge target in the beginning as it will wear you out too soon. You can increase the distance slowly over time. This way, you will be able to track a steady advancement in your running. Start with half a mile, then move on to 1-2 miles, and then slowly increase the distance. If you jump from half a mile to 5 miles, you will end up not being able to finish it and be too exhausted for the next run. Increase your mileage by about 10% each week and monitor your performance each time.\

8. Finish Off With A Stretch

You need to stretch not only before your run but also after it to cool down the muscles and prevent soreness. Once you are done with your run, stretch your neck, arms, and legs. You need to warm up to prevent your muscles from getting stiff. Doing this strengthens the muscles and increases your capacity to run better each time.

These are a few smart tricks to incorporate into your running routine to be able to do a good run. Once you start practicing these, you will experience a boost in your stamina, and your performance will gradually get better each time. So, start today!

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