This Woman Completed A Marathon Wearing 3-Inch Heels

Completing a marathon the old-fashioned way is sooo passé these days.

From running in a hot dog suit to stopping at every taco place along the route, it seems as though people are coming up with a variety of unique ways to run a marathon.

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This latest stunt, however, was not easy on the ankles.

Irene Sewell, 27, ran the 7 Bridges Marathon in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this month while wearing three-inch heels for the duration of the race.

Sewell was able to break a Guinness World Record that had been previously attempted by another woman, finishing the race in seven hours and 30 minutes, with two minutes to spare.

That means that this woman can run approximately 46 kilometres longer than I can even walk in heels. Damn.

Want to give high-heel-running a go, but not sure where to begin? The fancy-footed runner has some tips for those who are hoping to literally go a mile in her shoes.

“In terms of advice, even if you’re not trying to run in heels, get out and set goals,” says Sewell. “Your mind is so much stronger than your body, so if you think you can do it and you’re mentally prepared, you should be able to do it.”

Congrats to Sewell on her world record!