Author: Debra Ferris

Debra Ferris (Debbe) is a freelance writer living and working from the Wheatheart of the United States, Perryton TX. Perryton is a land of plenty, wheat and corn crops and YES, oil and cattle! Debbe writes for a worldwide audience to include Chemwatch, Australia, DZineIt, New York, Tenders UK, and Jagt-Jakt, Denmark, just to name a few. A veteran of the USAF (medic), Debbe has 10 years of extensive medical knowledge to bring to the table for her readership. Her passions are fly fishing, hunting with her husband and 2 dogs and snow skiing. Debbe also understands problems related to fibromyalgia and spinal arthritis as she suffers from both and has extensive resources for these conditions.

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