How To Train Like A WWE Diva

Admit it. You’ve caught yourself watching the WWE on TV on Monday nights. And you probably noticed the gorgeous WWE Divas and their killer bods.

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These beautiful babes weren’t born this way; they trained hard to get into famous shape. Do you think that you have what it takes to train like a WWE Diva? We’ve got some tips on how to get you there.

Weights, Weights, Weights

Most Divas of the WWE train for several hours per day — weight training is absolutely necessary to get this look. However, in order to build up the muscles and give them time to regenerate, you’ll want to start out slowly, especially if you are new to weightlifting. Two to three days per week will do the trick to start.

Pro wrestler Nikki Bella, named 2013 “Diva of the Year” is 5′ 6″ tall and weighs in at 135 pounds, yet she can lift just about anything (or anyone) up onto her shoulders — even her 250 pound hubby, pro wrestler John Cena!

She spends 8 to 10 hours per week in the weight room, she said in an interview with Sports Illustrated online. Nikki’s go-to workout? Heavy squatting. She claim that squats are the single best exercise to help burn fat and increase overall physical strength. Another favourite workout includes 600 reps of abdominal crunches! Obviously, you won’t be doing 600 crunches coming out the gate. Start with however many you can do and work your way up slowly.


Balance your weight training with some cardio work for up to an hour, two to four times a week. This can be anything that you enjoy that gets your heart rate up — aerobics, kickboxing, jogging, skipping, bicycling, swimming, Tabatas or any other activity you enjoy. Work you way up to longer training sessions and add more days per week. Make sure you’re incorporating interval training into your cardio workouts to really blast fat and get your heart rate up.


When training, it’s imperative that you eat properly. You know the drill: Cut back on processed foods and sugars, decrease your use of caffeine and alcohol and eat a protein-rich diet balanced with whole grains, fruits and veggies to help you reach your dietary goals.

Nikki Bella’s favorite post-workout meal consists of steak and veggies, since high-protein meats will help you build muscle.

If you train hard and eat right, you can get into peak physical physical form, and look strong while still looking fabulously feminine! There’s nothing more beautiful than a strong, muscular woman — even if she’s not a WWE Diva.